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   Chapter 1432 Back To MK Manor

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"Hey Emily, I'm currently here at the gate of the Tyrone Mansion with Louis. The house is surrounded by journalists, so I can't come to the door. Are you at home right now?" Taylor felt relieved that she was finally able to get a hold of Emily. The fact that Emily had answered the phone was a great indicator that she wasn't falling back into depression. Or at least, not yet.

"Oh, Jacob and I are currently on the way to MK Manor. By the way, Dr. Tang, whatever they're saying on the internet, none of it is true. I was only trying to stop that man from pushing me away! I had no intention of pushing him down."

Emily choked up when she uttered the words with tears continuously pouring down from her eyes. Being seen as a bad person by everyone was hard for her to deal with, because she had done nothing wrong.

"It's okay. Don't worry about it. I trust you completely. Try not to cry anymore. I'll be with you shortly," Taylor patiently comforted Emily.

She knew well that Emily wouldn't do such things.

When Emily heard what she said, she simply nodded and hummed in response before hanging up.

"They're on their way to MK Manor. Let's go there now!" Taylor hastily exclaimed to Louis as soon as she hung up the phone.

Without further delay, Louis started the car and headed back to the road which they had come from.

After a while of driving, they were unfortunately caught in a traffic jam along the bridge.

While they were waiting for the cars to move along, feelings of unrest overwhelmed Louis. He was very worried about Emily. Moreover, the crazy amount of traffic was nearly driving him insane. Even if Louis was a very calm person, the troubles he was going through at that moment slowly ate his patience away.

When Taylor noticed Louis's tense face, she began to worry about him. She then said, "Try not to think about it too much. The two of them will be just fine there. No reporter would dare to break into MK Manor." Then, she placed her hand on top of Louis's hand in an attempt to try and calm him down.

Taylor knew how much love Louis had for his sister. Every time Emily's depression got worse, he would have a hard time sleeping because he worried so much about her.

What was worse, all of the public opinions of Emily at this point were completely one-sided. Everyone saw her in a bad light. How could Louis not worry, given the circumstances?

He was a little stunned when Taylor placed her hand on his.

But just as he was about to say something, the traffic suddenly moved forward.

Louis, who had been feeling the stress caused by the traffic, suddenly had no intention of driving the car ahead. If he could stop time at any point as he wished, he would choose to do so at

r happy faces, he couldn't help but smile himself. Whatever happened after this point, he would make sure that his children and his wife wouldn't be dragged into it.

"I just saw something on the internet! Who was that bad man? He was so rude! You, Beryl, and I should catch this evil man!"

Bowen's bubbly childishness made the adults burst into laughter. It was quite clear that Bowen took after Jacob. They had the same idea in mind. Jacob then told the children, "Bowen, take Beryl and play on the swing for a while. The adults here need to think of a way to make that bad guy pay for ruining mom's day."

Once they left, Jacob stood up with a serious expression on his face.

"Louis, I'm sure Darren is behind all of this. He must have been so dissatisfied with what we did before that he played such a despicable trick."

Jacob explained his thoughts after analyzing everything that had happened so far.

Louis agreed with him and responded, "I think you're right. I saw his assistant, Harlan, at the gate of your house. I'm sure he was there because he wanted to see how the incident was affecting Emily."

While they were discussing, they suddenly heard a harsh cry come from Emily's room.

Their hearts sank. Everyone present ran upstairs as fast as they could and found Emily curled up and sobbing in her bed. Jacob hurried over and hugged her tightly. "It's all right, Emily. It's all right."

"Jacob, I... I just had a nightmare!" At that moment, Emily looked weaker than ever. Her forehead was full of cold sweat and there was so much fear in her eyes.

"It's okay. It's all over. I promise you that I will find out the truth and prove your innocence,"

Jacob replied encouragingly while stroking Emily's head in an attempt to comfort her. His mind was racing about what he should do next.

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