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   Chapter 1431 Get Rid Of The Reporters

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8111

Updated: 2020-06-21 07:38

Jacob passed through the crowd in a rush as he walked towards Emily. "Don't be afraid. I'm here," he uttered.

Emily, who was in deep pain and anxiety, felt like she was going to pass out. Only when she heard Jacob's voice was she able to calm down. The bombardment of questions from the journalists sucked the air out of her lungs.

Jacob placed his hand reassuringly on Emily's shoulders. Then, he took off his coat and covered her with it.

After doing so, he helped her pass through the massive crowd of reporters.

But the reporters had no intention of letting them go that easily. They forced their way toward the couple and swarmed them.

When Jacob noticed this, he couldn't suppress his rage any longer and looked at every reporter with a murderous gaze. After that, no one dared to come closer or even ask questions. Not a single soul dared to go up against Jacob. Everyone was seemingly scared of losing their lives.

When they finally got through the crowd, Sam's car was waiting right in front of them. After meeting with the shareholders, Sam saw the news about Emily on the internet, so he rushed to her with the thought that something bad might have happened.

"Mr. Gu, over here! Get in the car!" Sam shouted as he got out of the car and opened the door for them.

When he realized that it was Sam who called out to him, Jacob quickly held Emily's hand and rushed over to the car.

Once they were both inside, Sam quickly drove away.

It was obvious to Jacob that the arrival of the media was premeditated. It was almost impossible for the reporters to arrive at Emily's room at the same time that Darren's men finished causing trouble. Darren certainly must have tipped the media companies to make them send all of these people.

Meanwhile, Harlan arrived at Darren's office.

"Mr. Xu, everything went smoothly," he politely reported.

"That's good. They painted me in such a bad light. How can I let them go so easily? If I can't live my life the way I want, no one else can!"

Darren replied, playing with the ring in his hand. With a vicious grin on his face, he uttered those words without a single shred of empathy. Anyone who heard him would tremble in fear.

Back in Sam's car, Jacob suddenly received a call from Taylor.

"Hello, Mr. Gu. How's Emily doing right now? Is there any sign of a relapse?"

Taylor's tone showed her overwhelming anxiety. She was clearly worried

could possibly go, so he had to ask Jacob for help.

Upon noticing the reporters at the door, Jacob pulled a long face. These reporters were so dedicated to their jobs that one had to wonder how much the person behind this whole scheme had paid them. If it was truly Darren, why couldn't he just leave them alone?

"Let's go to MK Manor first," Jacob replied after thinking about it.

Without a moment's hesitation, Sam started the car and drove onward to MK Manor.

As for the reporters outside Tyrone Mansion, they were bound to leave when they couldn't get a response from Jacob, so Jacob didn't do anything about them.

Just a few seconds after the car left, Louis and Taylor arrived at Tyrone Mansion.

"Why are there so many reporters here?" Sitting in the passenger seat, Taylor looked out of the window and felt her head ache from the sight of all the people waiting for Emily. She then worriedly said, "This is definitely not good for Emily. What if all of this causes her to relapse again? It took her so much time and effort just to be where she is now.

Even her two kids are willing to be close to her now. If these reporters cause her to have a relapse now, everyone's efforts will be in vain."

"It seems that Darren is fully prepared! He won't stop until he sees Jacob completely obliterated." Louis tightened his grip on the steering wheel in anger and his fingertips started turning pale.

"What should we do now?" Taylor asked, equally infuriated. She then added, "Oh, I can call Emily and Jacob now. I'll ask whether they are at home or not."

Louis simply nodded in agreement.

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