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   Chapter 1430 Journalists Barge In

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The man spoke so aggressively that Emily had to shift around to avoid the spray of saliva from his mouth. "Sir, I didn't mean that. How about this? You can go over there and fill in the form with your personal information. Free consultations start at nine o'clock. You can wait in the lobby until then."

"Why should I wait? Why won't you let me see a doctor right now?" the man asked, disappointed and seemingly hurt. He pushed Emily away and began to rush inside. "I want to see a doctor. Don't try to stop me!"

"Sir, you..." Emily began. Subconsciously, she reached out to stop him. As soon as her hand touched him, however, he stumbled and fell back with an exaggerated expression of pain on his face.

"Ow! She hit me! What kind of a clinic is this? How dare you hit a patient?" He lay on the ground, waving his arms wildly. "It hurts! It hurts! She hit me!"

Emily immediately saw through him and her face darkened. It was clear to her that this man was deliberately stirring up trouble for some reason.

"Sir, we are an established public service organization. If you think you can come here and play your dirty tricks on us, you've come to the wrong place." With cold eyes, she turned around and instructed the person in charge, "Call security immediately, and have them escort this man out."

Without hesitation, the personnel did as he was told.

Amid the chaos, no one noticed the man with a black hat standing in the corner, secretly filming everything.

In the CEO's office, Darren slowly flipped through the photographs in his hands.

He asked coldly, "Are the articles and pictures ready to be published online?"

Harlan nodded and replied confidently, "They are. Everything is in order. As soon as the news of Emily laying a hand on a depressed patient comes out, everyone will brand her a hypocrite."

"You just wait and see, Emily," Darren said softly. A cold smile formed on his lips as he brushed her face in the photo with his finger.

In the picture, Emily, with her outstretched arms, seemed to be shoving the man onto the ground. The depressed man was about to fall on his back, looking powerless and vulnerable.

It took a long time for the free clinic to end. Emily was about to head back to her office to get some rest when she received a call from Rita.

"Hello, Rita," she answered. Exhausted, she rubbed the area between her eyebrows as she made her way to her office.

"My dear Emily, take a look at the news on the internet! You're screwed!" The anxiety in Rita's voice was alarming.

Emily had no idea what she was talking about. Worried, she quickened her pace.

She still had Rita on the phone when she entered her office. With a trembling hand, she closed the door and hurried over to the

ntle voice sounded over the phone. Although his meeting had been interrupted, he was far from impatient.

Emily, however, did not seem to be on the other end of the line. She did not speak. Instead of her voice, he heard random noises and voices in the background.

"Mrs. Gu, have you seen the news? Is it true that you assaulted a depressed patient?"

"Mrs. Gu, please clarify it. Is it true that you assaulted a depressed patient? Everyone is saying that you are just seeking attention and that you actually look down on people with depression. Is this true?"

"Mrs. Gu, please face the camera."

These statements dropped down on her like bombs. Even though Jacob couldn't see what was happening, he frowned.

'Are those reporters?' he thought. He was worried about Emily.

Not wanting to waste another second, he left in a hurry, forgetting to notify the people in the meeting room that he was leaving.

Sam watched Jacob's receding figure as he left and knew that something must have happened to Emily.

Without being told what to do, he decided to go back to the meeting room and explain the situation to everyone.

Some time later, Jacob arrived at Emily's office. He had found it difficult to get inside, but finally managed to enter.

The room was full of strangers, and the atmosphere was so tense that one could cut it with a knife. His face darkened. If these people kept bombarding Emily with all these stupid questions and allegations, her mental health might plummet again.

"Everyone, shut up!"

Jacob yelled. His imposing manner was so overwhelming that the room immediately fell silent.

Everyone's eyes were now on him.

Right across the room from him was Emily, who was squatting in pain and covering her head with her hands. It was clear that at this moment, she did not know what to do.

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