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   Chapter 1429 Make Trouble

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Jacob's hands were still full of detergent foam. However, he was careful not to stain Emily's clothes as he put his arms around her. "I'm so happy that I can't control myself. Emily, my Emily...I love you so much," he said, smiling from ear to ear.

Emily felt her heart soften. She gazed at him lovingly and said, "This is the good news. But there is an even better news. Do you want to hear it?"

Jacob gazed back at her, his eyes narrowing a little as he playfully faked confusion. "How is that possible? How can there be news that's better than this? This is the best news for me!"

Emily giggled and told Jacob about her plan to set up a foundation for people suffering from depression.

Suddenly worried, Jacob frowned and said, "It's not difficult to set it up, but you've just recovered from a serious illness. Won't you be too tired? I don't want you to wear yourself out."

Emily hated it when her husband worried about her, so she looked him straight in the eyes and said, "I'm fine."

Then, she learned in and kissed his lips, hoping that it would reassure him.

Slowly losing his head because of the kiss, Jacob swallowed hard. His arms wrapped around her tighter, not wanting to let her go. His wife's face had always been a silent allure for him. She was lovely and beautiful, and he'd never been able to resist her charms. He kissed her back fiercely, pulling her closer to him.

It was not difficult to set up a fund organization with enough money and talents, but there were still trivial details to attend to that took up most of Emily's time.

"The free clinic will open at nine o'clock tomorrow and close at five o'clock in the afternoon. The venue and the personnel have already been arranged." On the other end of the phone was Taylor's confident voice. "Will you come tomorrow?"

"I don't have anything to do tomorrow. I'll be there in the morning," Emily replied. She still had a lot of work to do, including monitoring the status of all the work that was yet to be completed. She flipped through the schedule and asked, "Is the pamphlet for raising awareness on depression ready?"

"Of course, they are getting printed now. I will send them to the venue overnight," Taylor replied.

"That's good," Emily said as she breathed a sigh of relief. Then she added, "Thank you all for your hard work these days. Tomorrow evening, after the medical treatment, I will treat you to dinner!"

Taylor chuckled on the phone. "Well, then I must eat a lot of expensive food!"

After hanging up the phone, Emily sighed again. She rubbed her eyes, which were sore from tiredness, and looked up at Jacob, who stared at her pitifully.

Stunned, Emily asked, "What's wrong?"

In an upset tone, Jacob said, "Well, my wife has been doing a lot of work recently. She's even busier than me these days."

Emily hesitated and, with furrowed eyebrows, asked, "Are you unhappy about that?"

Jacob frowne

she wanted.

The person in charge continued to give Emily a tour of the facility. "This is where we'll have the event for raising awareness on depression and how people try to cope with it. We've specially invited a famous domestic psychologist to give a speech. The free clinic has not started yet, but patients and their families who arrived early have been brought here to learn about the illness."

It was still early and there weren't many people in the hall yet. Emily looked around and didn't see Taylor. "Where is Dr. Tang?" she asked.

"Dr. Tang has gone to pick up the guest speaker," the person in charge replied. Then, he looked at his watch. "She set out about half an hour ago. She should be back soon."

Emily nodded. "Don't forget to tell me when Dr. Tang gets back," she said.

"Get out of my way! Why are you stopping me?"

Suddenly, there was a noise at the gate. Emily looked up and saw a plainly dressed man rushing into the hall. However, he was stopped by a staff member.

"Sir, please show me your medical card. The free clinic hasn't begun yet. You can wait in the hall. Thank you for your cooperation," the staff member said, trying to calm the man down and pacify the situation.

"What kind of medical card? I don't have it!" he said, raising his voice enough for everyone in the hall to hear. "I'm sick! I have depression! Aren't you holding a free clinic? Why can't you let me see a doctor?" the man shouted aggressively, interrupting the staff.

Emily knew that she had to step in before things worsened. Frowning slightly, she walked over and asked, "Sir, don't you have a medical card?"

As soon as the man saw that Emily was dressed in an extraordinary way, he believed that she was the person in charge. He said arrogantly, "I learned about your free clinic on the internet. Aren't you supposed to be doing charity? How can you not allow me to see a doctor just because I don't have a medical card?"

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