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   Chapter 1399 Timely Help

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7578

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The mocking expression on Estelle's face disappointed Ethan.

Usually, there were very few things that he disliked more than this sight.

However, given the current situation, more important things awaited. Ethan asked immediately, "Are you okay?"

Only then did Estelle remember what she had meant to do. Shocked by Ethan's sudden presence, she had momentarily forgotten about the problem at hand.

"Well," she muttered hesitantly. Her face grew crimson as embarrassment overcame her.

Ethan was now confused. He was afraid that something terrible had happened to her. "What's wrong?" he prodded.

"Well... It's just... Could you buy me a pack of sanitary napkins?" Estelle asked, her voice barely above a whisper. She closed her eyes and pressed her lips tightly together in shame.

Although she had said these words very softly, Ethan had heard her.

He blushed, almost equally embarrassed, and he felt his cheeks burning up. In an attempt to ease the awkwardness, he cleared his throat. "Which... Which one should I buy?" he stammered.

Estelle's face grew redder, even more so than his. She didn't dare open her eyes. Mustering up all the courage that she could, she said quickly, "The brand 'Always' is okay."

"Fine. Proceed to the washroom, and I'll buy you what you need." Without another word, Ethan turned around and rushed over to the nearest supermarket.

Once he was gone, Estelle went straight to the washroom and locked herself in a cubicle.

She sat on the toilet and browsed her phone as she waited for him.

In less than ten minutes, she heard someone calling her name.

She slowly opened the cubicle door and poked her head out, only to find a young woman whom she didn't recognize. "Hello, are you looking for me?" Estelle asked.

"Are you Estelle Wang? Your boyfriend asked me to give this to you." The strange girl looked Estelle right in the eye and handed her a bag.

It was a black plastic bag. Judging by its size, Estelle thought that it must contain more than just sanitary napkins.

'God! Did he buy all the Always sanitary napkin variants?'

Suddenly, Estelle was reminded of scenes in romantic movies where rich boyfriends emptied out stores for their girlfriends. 'Is the same sweet scenario playing out

en. He then ran back into the cafe.

Confused, Estelle stood there. She kicked at the small stones on the ground from time to time.

After a while, Ethan came out with a red beverage in his hand.

"Here you go. Some brown sugar water." He handed her the warm drink.

"Hey, how do you know that women should drink this when they're on their period?" Estelle asked, trying to make the question sound as casual as possible. She placed the straw in her mouth and took a sip.

"My secretary told me," Ethan said. He scratched his head in embarrassment.

Then, he was reminded of the scenario at the supermarket when he had been there buying her pads.

When he had entered that area of the supermarket, he had caught the interest of several salesladies, and they had stared at him. Not used to that kind of attention, he had quickly grabbed a pack of the brand of pads that Estelle had wanted and hurried over to the cashier to pay.

"Wow. Is this for your girlfriend, sir?" the cashier had asked.

The word "girlfriend" had made him feel warm inside. He had nodded with a smile.

"Does she live nearby?"

"Why do you ask?" The odd question had made Ethan feel slightly uncomfortable.

The cashier, appearing to have realized her mistake, had quickly explained, "I don't mean anything by it, sorry. If your girlfriend doesn't live anywhere near here, I suggest you buy her a pair of trousers as well. Trust me. She'll thank you for it."

"Trousers?" He hadn't understood what she meant then.

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