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   Chapter 1398 An Encounter

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After Emily and Taylor moved to the study for her treatment, Jacob began to focus on the document on his desk. An hour and a half later, he was still working on that document.

Countless times, he wanted to rush into the study and stop Emily so that he could protect her.

Thinking that Emily was taking a huge risk and might have a depression relapse by seeing something that she didn't want to see, he felt concerned.

But, after all, he had promised her that he wouldn't interrupt the therapy.

He was not in the mood for doing paperwork at all. Finally, he threw down his pen and stared blankly at the door of the study.

Time ticked along slowly.

Finally, after the hundredth time that Jacob had wanted to barge into the study, the door opened, and Taylor and Emily came out one after another.

The moment he laid eyes on Emily, Jacob rushed forward, grabbed her shoulders with his powerful hands, and carefully examined her face, hoping to detect even some minor clue as to how she was feeling from her expression.

But no matter how carefully he looked at her, the expression on Emily's face remained the same as before she had entered the study.

Jacob finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Taylor spoke encouragingly to Emily, "You are doing really great, Emily. You have made enormous progress today. If you can keep up like this, you will recover very soon!"

Then she pulled Jacob aside and said to him, "If possible, I want you to tell Emily some stories about Beryl. This will help Emily to know Beryl better. She'll finally feel more positive towards Beryl and be much more accepting of her!"

Although Jacob was not happy about the treatment plan that Taylor had devised for Emily, which would mean that Emily might suffer terribly, he had decided to respect Emily's choice since she had chosen to place her trust in Taylor. He would follow the doctor's instructions and try to help Emily move beyond the torturous clutches of her depression without any delays!

"I see. Is there anything else I need to watch out for?" Jacob asked carefully. He was really dedicated and patient when it came to anything concerning Emily.

"Not yet. I'll tell you if I need your help with something." Taylor thought for a while and found that there was nothing else left to

ince she had come out with a male colleague to buy coffee. She handed him all the coffees in her hand and said, "I'm sorry, but my stomach is hurting. I need to go to the bathroom. Please help me by taking these coffees back up to the company!"

"What's wrong? Are you okay? Why do you suddenly have a stomachache? Did you eat something that upset your tummy?"

"I'm fine, but everyone is waiting for their coffee. You can take it to them!" After saying that, Estelle turned around and rushed off to the bathroom, leaving him no chance to object or question her further.

She was afraid that if she didn't leave immediately, she would end up facing the embarrassment of bleeding in public.

However, before she reached the door of the toilet, someone grabbed Estelle's wrist.

Spinning around, she cursed, "Damn it! Who's that? Don't you see that I'm in a hurry to use the toilet?"

But when she saw who it was, she was stunned.

She even wondered if she was daydreaming.

There, larger than life, was Ethan. The very man that she had been thinking about all day.

"What are you doing here?" Estelle looked at him in disbelief as she blurted out.

Then she realized that it was a free country, and he could go anywhere. He certainly didn't need to explain himself to her. A self-mocking smile crept onto her lips.

"I was meeting a client nearby for lunch and wanted to buy a cup of coffee. But when I saw you holding your stomach, I was worried and followed you," Ethan patiently explained his presence.

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