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   Chapter 1384 Told Him Everything

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He was totally shocked when this thought occurred to him. 'How dare they!'

Darren kicked the table as he lashed out in rage and swore in a low voice, "Shit!"

He ferociously scratched his head, pulling his hair raggedly. He had always put much stock in his image, being careful to always present himself as an elegant gentleman. This was the first time that he had made himself look so unsophisticated.

Since Nora was already dead, Dina was the only one left to blame.

"Bring Dina to me. I will help her discover the consequence of betraying me," Darren ordered in a cold voice while clenching his fists.

His men jumped at his order and went to find Dina.

It was easy to find Dina. After all, being a celebrity, she often appeared in public. Even though she had quit the entertainment circle, her whereabouts were always all over social media.

Dina was taken aback as soon as she saw the group of men dressed in black break into her house. She was so terrified that she almost called the police.

"We work for Mr. Xu. Miss Li, please come with us."

Dina didn't know many men whose family name was Xu. Hence, she instantly guessed that the man looking for her was none other than Darren.

Her heart sank with fear at the thought of this. To her, Darren was a demon who haunted her endlessly. He had instructed his men to find her without any warning once again. Dina could only guess that the reason he wanted her brought to him was not in her best interest.

Besides, she had been quite useless to him for a long time. Therefore, she contemplated the reason for him to seek her out. He must have discovered that the share transfer agreement was fake.

When Dina thought of this, she broke out in a cold sweat laced with fear. Then, her face turned pale, and she tried to refuse. "I still have to go to work this afternoon, so I can't leave..."

"Miss Li, please."

The bodyguards were coldly indifferent to her refusal and looked as if they would knock her to the floor to drag her away if she refused to go with them.

Dina could not do anything else but get into the car with them, and they rushed her off to see Darren.


Hearing the sound of the car door being slammed shut, Dina couldn't help trembling. She looked up at Darren while trying to contain the fear in the heart. She thought to herself, 'It's all right. Nora is dead, and Darren has no evidence to prove that I faked the share transfer agreement.'

She said, "Mr. Xu, what can I do for you?"

"Oh, I undere

n't do anything to hurt Carlos, considering his family's power.

'Sorry, Carlos. Don't blame me for throwing this on you. It is all your own fault. After all, you were Nora's boyfriend, ' Dina secretly thought.

Darren was a scheming old fox. He had been working hard in the business circle for so many years. He wouldn't have reached his current position if he was gullible enough to be fooled by Dina's bad performance.

He stepped forward and stared at Dina like a hawk ready to strike as he threatened her.

He stretched a hand out, gripped Dina's chin, and rubbed it forcefully.

"You don't know?" He was like a devil coming up from hell, and his very stance was filled with the aura of death.

"Hmm." Dina still refused to acknowledge the truth, even though she felt like she was suffocating in the face of Darren's intense questioning.

"If so, there's no need for you to continue living, is there?" Darren was provoked by Dina's reluctance to acknowledge the facts.

"I… I know that the share transfer agreement is locked away in the safe at the insurance company. Nora and I each have a key to the safe. The safe can be only opened by using both of the keys simultaneously."

Finally getting the answer he wanted, Darren shoved her away in disgust. Then, he took a handkerchief out of his pocket and wiped his hands carefully as if he felt repulsed at having touched her.

Dina had feared that Darren would really not let her see another sunrise in this life, so she told him everything she knew.

She even offered him her key to the safe.

After taking the key from Dina, Darren sent his men to search for Nora's key wherever she may have kept it.

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