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   Chapter 1380 A Bold Idea Started To Form

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A crowd of doctors gathered around the bed soon. After a thorough examination, a doctor shook his head with great regret, saying that they couldn't find any sign that Estelle's father would wake up.

"How could this be, Doctor? I saw my father's finger move!" Estelle said anxiously.

"Miss Wang, calm down. We can understand how are you feeling now. Don't worry. Our hospital has newly purchased a batch of experimental medicines. These medicines are quite useful for treating people in a vegetative state. At this stage, we've decided to use these medicines on him." The doctor looked at Estelle and could not bear to tell her that what she had seen had been just her imagination.

The doctors often saw Estelle come to visit her father and knew that she always took good care of her father every time she came.

It was said that most people wouldn't stay filial if their parents were ill for a long time. But Estelle had insisted on taking care of her father for such a long time.

The doctor was moved, but all he could do was to treat her father as best as he could.

Estelle understood what the doctor meant. When she heard that her father showed no signs of waking up, she was filled with disappointment, but she had no choice except to nod her head and say, "Thank you, Doctor. As long as you think it might save my father, I will accept whatever medicines you want to use."

Maybe she had been mistaken in her earlier belief.

However, upon hearing that the hospital seemed to have some new therapeutic options, Estelle felt renewed with hope.

She knew that her father was unlikely to regain consciousness soon.

At the moment, Ethan was still paying for her father's medical treatment, but considering their ruined relationship, she thought that she really could not let him pay the medical fees anymore.

Therefore, she had to find a job first, and then, she ought to think of ways to buy her family's house back.

In fact, after selling the Wang Family's house, Sybil had bought a small apartment. Other than the painful worry of Ellen's incarceration, she was living an idyllic life.

At twelve o'clock in the evening, Sybil finally came back home. She was reeking of alcohol, which indicated her entertainment for the night.

She was humming a tune and seemed to be in good spirits. But when she opened the door, she was stunned and couldn't help crying out in surprise.

Her empty house was illuminated with bright

sibility was that Bonnie had been living there.

The guards had been assigned there to watch over Bonnie.

If so...

A bold idea started to form in Emily's mind.

Bonnie had been taken back to the place where she had escaped from previously. Unlike last time, she was now a prisoner.

After her phone was taken away, the servants didn't talk to her anymore, and she no longer had the freedom to go anywhere as she pleased.

Bonnie was disgusted with everything going on and wanted to talk to Darren, but she couldn't find any sign of him. This made her angry and left her feeling helpless.

Finally, one day…

Bonnie wanted to do some housework to kill time, but she was stopped by the servant. Afterwards, she angrily went to the butler.

"I want to see Mr. Yu."

"Mr. Yu is too busy to see you now," the butler said coldly.

It was because of her escape last time that every one of the manor's staff had been punished by Darren, so the butler did not have a good impression of Bonnie.

But since Darren had ordered them to care for her, he dared not treat her shabbily.

"Go and tell him that if he doesn't show up tonight, I will..." Bonnie thought for a long time, but could not think of a way to threaten him.

"Anyway, you just tell him that he had better come and see me at 8 o'clock tonight," Bonnie said angrily. But knowing that the servants were only following Darren's orders, she neither vented her anger on the innocent nor made things difficult for the butler.

The butler passed along her words to Darren. That night, Darren showed up at Bonnie's room at the time the butler had told him.

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