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   Chapter 1376 Run Into Snags

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Jacob's words were harsh. Estelle's face turned pale, and a stone seemed to have lodged in her throat. She could not say anything.

Seeing this, Ethan stepped forward immediately and shielded Estelle from Jacob. Then, he looked at him with a dissatisfied expression.

He would always protect his woman no matter how vicious she was.

He took the envelope with documents from Estelle and held her hand. Only then did he realize that her hand was trembling and saw that her face was horribly pale. Recalling how extremely fatigued she had looked at the hospital, he suddenly became concerned.

He clasped Estelle's hand tightly, hoping to warm her icy fingers. Their eyes met, and his were full of deep affection.

"Estelle, if you don't want to see me, I will disappear once I have helped you resolve this matter. I won't ask you to come back home with me. If you want to be alone, I will give you space and time. I just want to take you out for dinner. You have been suffering from low blood pressure. If something happens to you again, then how will you get your house back?"

Estelle didn't say anything to this. She had no more strength left to argue with Ethan.

Now, Ethan seemed to be the last straw she had to clutch at to save her from this dilemma. She didn't refuse him this time and left with him.

After they disappeared around the corner, Jacob suddenly embraced Emily and gave her a passionate kiss on her forehead.

"My dear Emily, it took me copious amounts of time and energy to fix this. How are you going to repay me? Huh?" His sudden coquetry startled Emily, dispelling her qualms and giving her goosebumps.

She couldn't help but ask, "Where did you learn to speak in such a coquettish tone?"

Emily had been deeply worried because of Estelle, and she felt a tightness in her chest. However, with Jacob acting like a spoiled child, her unhappiness seemed to have disappeared.

In fact, Jacob had noticed Emily's discomfort. He had also noticed how Ethan's childish actions had made Estelle happy. Therefore, he acted like a juvenile on purpose to amuse Emily.

He just wanted Emily to relax more.

After all, her emotional condition was still under treatment. Although she looked okay, it was very important to be careful about her emotions.

"I learned it from Ethan. It also seems to work well on you," Jacob said proudly.

Emily and Estelle that had caused them to be so irritated.

She had read the hatred in their eyes. But she had also seen a hint of sincerity in them, which might have been evidence of their previously true friendship.

Bonnie waited for a long time at home, but neither of them came back. Finally, she had no choice but to call Emily. She learned that the two would not be back for dinner tonight.

Over the following days, neither Emily nor Estelle returned.

Bonnie was bored at home alone, so she stepped outside to look for a job without discussing it with Emily.

She had planned to look for a job as a nurse or at a pharmacy, but no one wanted to employ her, and there were many reasons to refuse her.

She was just a little girl. Therefore, some interviewers were afraid that she would get pregnant and ask for maternity leave as soon as they hired her. This was so ridiculous!

After several failed interviews, Bonnie lowered her requirements for finding a job.

However, she even failed to successfully pass the interview for ordinary jobs like being a clerk or working in customer service, which frustrated her greatly.

She even began to suspect that she had failed the interviews because she wasn't beautiful enough.

So, she called Emily, though she hesitated for a long while. Finally, she got to the point. "Emily, do you think I'm ugly?"

Emily had recently been swamped with the matter of Estelle's house and the concerns with Darren. When she heard Bonnie's question, she was stunned. After a long time, she replied, "No, I...don't think so."

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