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   Chapter 1375 Unpleasant Words

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"Estelle, remember your promise. Keep your mouth shut and don't say anything. Please don't interfere in Bonnie's matter, or else our agreement will be terminated. I don't mind defeating my enemy at any cost," Emily said in a low voice with a cold face as she leaned against the door.

'Enemy? Am I her enemy?'

In the face of Emily's icy threats, Estelle was stunned for a moment, but she suddenly smiled, looking even uglier than she had when she was crying.

After all, Estelle had betrayed Emily in the past. Now, it was impossible for Emily to treat her as a friend again.

"Emily, now that I have made a promise to you, I will not go back on my word, but my patience is limited. I will only wait for you until 9 o'clock tonight, and I won't waste another minute after that waiting for you. I swear that Bonnie will then immediately discover your plot."

After saying that, Estelle took a look outside and then added, "I will keep my word."

Emily stared at the strange woman in front of her. She wondered how Estelle had become so terrible in spite of still having the same gentle face and voice.

It was the first time that she regretted having asked Jacob to let Estelle go. She had even tried to help Estelle by asking Sybil to share the money with Estelle, and now, Estelle was threatening her face to face.

She opened the door and let Estelle out first. Then, she fished her cell phone out of her pocket and called Jacob.

"Jacob, Estelle has found out about Bonnie's situation." Emily's voice was very calm, but on the other end of the line, Jacob stayed quiet for a moment before he asked, "Is she with you?"

Then, he added, "Has she threatened you?"

Emily felt warm in her heart, because Jacob's first concerns were always for her, and he understood so much from her words.

"She wants to take her house back," Emily sneered, thinking that Estelle, who always pretended to be miserable and liked putting the blame on others, had crossed her line over and over again.

Jacob remained silent for a moment. At last, he sighed on the phone, and his voice became more gentle. "Don't worry, I'll solve it."

Half an hour later, Jacob's car stopped outside the Sanva Apartment.

Having calmed down, Emily winked at Estelle, motioning for her to follow her downstairs.

"Bonnie, Estelle forgot something. I'll go with her to fetch it. You eat first–don't wait for us." Emily casually made up an excuse.

Bonnie briefly glanced at the two women who were acting so strangely. Estel

st him and strode toward Emily.

She was going to get her house back, but she would never ask Ethan to help her. She didn't want to have anything to do with him anymore. What was more, she was reluctant to be indebted to him.

"Emily, find someone else to help me. I will absolutely keep everything about Bonnie confidential."

Estelle was willing to accept help from anyone except Ethan.

Emily sneered and sighed as she thought of how unfathomable Estelle's heart was. It seemed to Emily that Estelle was just an insatiably greedy woman.

Jacob turned around, took an envelope with documents out from his car, and handed it to Estelle. Without giving anyone else a chance to chip in, he said decisively, "Here is everything we have on Sybil's past transgressions and information on the best lawyer. This will be sufficient for Ethan to help you get the house back. Don't be so insatiable. Don't take it for granted that you can threaten me with Bonnie as your bargaining chip. I am willing to ask Ethan to help you only because Emily still cares about her friendship with you. Otherwise, I can ensure that you will have nowhere to stay since you dared to threaten Emily tonight. Even if you are Ethan's woman, I will not show mercy. Don't be so shameless."

Jacob was obviously angry. As a matter of fact, he had developed a profound dislike of Estelle. She had committed such a terrible transgression, but she never felt any guilt. Instead, she had become more and more greedy. Jacob found this really disgusting.

Emily didn't stop Jacob this time. Even though she was much more even-tempered than Jacob, she was also struggling to tolerate Estelle's demeanor.

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