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   Chapter 1369 Becoming Intimate Friends

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"I paid the landlady 7, 000 dollars only a few days ago for the entire year's rent." Bonnie felt utterly depressed since she had lost so much money. She didn't dare spend the money Darren had given her.

She was afraid that she would get into trouble if she used his money. Therefore, her living expenses all came from the money that she had earned by working. Her life goal was to find a good hospital and work there as a nurse.

As for the mysterious Mr. Yu, whom she had saved, she could only consider him as a passer-by in her life, a bump in the road.

But when she thought about how arrogant and overbearing Mr. Yu was, she couldn't help grinning sweetly.

"Bonnie, do you need a moving company?" Emily reminded Bonnie, who had been sitting quietly on the bed for quite a while. For a while, she had seemed sad, but now, she was smiling sweetly.

"What?" Bonnie was pulled back to reality, and she stuttered, "I'm sorry, Emily. What did you just say?"

"I said, you should ask for a refund from the landlady and find a moving company to help you move out. What do you think?" Emily once again repeated what she had previously said when she realized that Bonnie hadn't been listening to her.

Bonnie nodded.

Soon, they secured the services of a moving company. Bonnie didn't have many items of value in her rental accommodation, so she moved out pretty fast. However, her eyes were red when she left, still muttering that the landlady had gone too far.

Emily didn't agree with her. If the contract had stated that Bonnie couldn't bring a man home, then the landlady had the right to terminate their contract since Bonnie had brought home a man who had suffered a gunshot injury. It was quite reasonable for the landlady to have concerns.

But it didn't make sense for her to refuse refunding Bonnie the 7, 000 dollars that she had paid in advance for rent.

"Thank you so much, Emily. I don't know how I will ever repay you. How about I pay you 3, 000 dollars for rent per month to share your apartment?" Three thousand dollars rent was an average amount in this market. Emily's apartment was located in a good area, and it was also well appointed.

Emily parked the car in the underground parking lot and glanced at Bonnie with a smile. "If you really want to pay rent, then 300 dollars is more than enough per month. It's vacant anyway. I seldom stay here."

"300 dollars per month?" Bonnie gasped and exclaimed as she shook her head, "That's barely more than 3, 000 dollars

en too fast.

"Very what?" Emily prodded, looking closely at her.

"Though he was bad-tempered, he was so reasonable. He stayed in my house and gave me a lot of money. Besides, he was very handsome. It's impossible for him to be a wanted criminal." Emily almost laughed aloud. She had never thought that Bonnie could be gullible enough to judge someone by their looks.

But it also revealed that she was a simple girl.

Emily blinked her eyes slowly, like an owl, and asked, "So, what does this injured man have to do with you going to RD Hospital to do your internship there?"

"Because I took him to RD Hospital for treatment, and I used my own ID card." Bonnie sighed and said, "Although I am sure that he was not a wanted criminal, he had a very secretive way of doing things."

"Where has he been recently?" Emily had hesitated before she asked this question, for she didn't want to make Bonnie suspicious of her. But if she asked directly, maybe she would get an answer sooner.

Bonnie looked at Emily with large eyes and shook her head. "I don't know!"

Bonnie was telling the truth. A few days ago, she had told Darren that she was going to find a job, and then Darren had transferred tens of thousands of dollars into her bank account.

This had left Bonnie very flustered. On the one hand, she wanted to escape, but on the other, she was reluctant to do so.

When Darren's wound had almost healed, he had told Bonnie that he was leaving. Bonnie had believed that he would leave as soon as he said goodbye. However, he had added, "Bonnie, you know the extent of my injury. You have to return with me and explain matters to my family doctor."

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