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   Chapter 1367 Emily's Confidence

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"I thought you were busy working," Emily said. The table was loaded with a feast of delicious dishes. Emily chose a seat next to Jacob and poured herself a cup of warm water.

"Drinking warm water before dinner will spoil your appetite," Jacob said, smiling. When he stood up to ladle up some rice for Emily, she grabbed his hand, pleading, "Jacob, tell me what is going on with the things regarding Darren. Have we made any progress yet?"

"You don't need to concern yourself about it." Jacob fondly touched Emily's head and said, "All you need to do is take care of Emi and yourself. I want you to spend every day being happy and keeping healthy."

"Jacob, I want to fight next to you. I don't want to always be the ignorant Mrs. Gu who always needs your protection." Emily stared at him resolutely. "I can become strong. You should at least tell me enough about Darren, so that he can't use me to threaten you again."

"My little Emily has grown up!" Jacob teased.

Emily pouted sweetly and said, "I've always been grown up enough. It's just that I have been sick for some time. Taylor said that if I want to defeat my disease, I have to face it bravely."

"Okay!" Jacob decided to bow to Emily's wishes this time. He told her everything that Darren had been up to recently. When he discussed the recent events, he hesitated before he said, "It was actually all Darren's plot that you and Taylor would be caught yesterday. Darren had bribed Tim. Tim sent you the movie tickets in order to give Darren an opportunity to take you two."

"Tim?" Emily's impression on Tim was neither good nor bad. But his hypnotism therapy had impressed her.

"Well. As for why he abducted you and Taylor, the reason was very simple. He wanted to use the diversion to secretly hide the girl who has taken care of him away. This girl is named Bonnie, and she is pretty young," Jacob explained the situation for Emily bit by bit.

"A girl named Bonnie? Why would a young girl choose to be with a demon like Darren?" Emily instantly felt angry, thinking that this child must have no self-respect.

"When Darren was injured, Bonnie rescued him. The two of them had been hiding away in a residential building this whole time. Now that Darren has recovered and he knows that we are still pursuing him, he took Bonnie away with him." Jacob pensively drummed on the table while his brain raced over the events.

"Why would a young girl risk saving some random guy riddled with gu

river smiled sheepishly. "I seem to have gotten lost!"

Bonnie smiled. "I am also heading downtown. Could you take me with you if possible? I will pay, of course."


The driver was none other than Emily. Jacob had sent her a message, so Emily knew that Bonnie had run away from the residence arranged for her by Darren. She had quickly driven here and fortunately met up with Bonnie just in time.

Of course, Bonnie didn't know Emily at all.

As soon as she got in the car, she rubbed her frozen hands to get some warmth and said, "It's cold outside. It is so fortunate that I met you."

"You look like a young girl. Why were you walking alone on this road at such a late hour?" Emily immediately began to chat with her. Bonnie was dazed for a moment, and then she tidied her hair and made up an explanation. "I had a quarrel with my father and ran away from home. However, I rent a house in the city, so I..."

Bonnie was lying. Emily knew this quite clearly, but she did not expose her.

"It's not safe to be out and about at night. If you want to run away from home next time, you should do so during the day time." Emily smiled. "I'm glad that I met you tonight, otherwise I would still be lost. Tell me where your rental house is, and I'll take you back there."

"Thank you very much." Bonnie smiled and fastened the seat belt gratefully. Her hands suddenly stopped, and a sudden silence filled the car as Bonnie awkwardly turned back to Emily. She licked her lips and asked, "There is only one road to the estate back there. How did you get lost?"

Emily was stunned and almost thought that her lie had been busted.

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