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   Chapter 1366 I Don't Want To See You Again

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Eventually, Taylor managed to persuade Emily.

They lay on the bed without saying anything. An awkward atmosphere prevented either of them from getting any sleep until dawn.

When the alarm clock began ringing, Emily jumped out of bed immediately and rushed into the bathroom without wasting another minute. After freshening up, she pulled Taylor, who was pretending to still be asleep, out of the bed. When Taylor was ready to head out the door, they dashed to the hospital without any delay.

Last night, Jacob had already sent a message to them, informing them that Louis was out of surgery and had been moved to recovery.

In the ward, Louis and Jacob were staring moodily at each other. Jacob had just received a message from Emily, asking for Louis's ward number. When he was about to type a response, Louis smacked his lips and said, "Jacob, shouldn't you go buy some breakfast for me? After all, I am the patient here! Can't you see I'm starving!" It had been an embarrassing moment for Louis. When he woke up, he was immediately scolded by Jacob for his weakness. Jacob had harangued him for failing to protect his beloved better and even blamed him for ending up in the hospital.

"I can't be bothered to arrange any breakfast for you! I am sure Taylor will tend to your needs when she arrives." Jacob didn't raise his head as he spoke tonelessly to Louis. He was busy checking the latest information concerning Darren on his phone.

"Hey, be nice! I'm your brother-in-law. How can you neglect me like this?" Louis wanted to call Taylor, but he also didn't want her to see him being so weak in the hospital. He wanted to hide his vulnerability from her.

Jacob only scowled deeper and paid no heed to Louis's whining. Without another word, Jacob just stood up and walked out of the ward.

Soon enough, Louis could hear Taylor's voice coming from outside the ward. She was in awe of Jacob for rescuing them; therefore, her tone was almost reverent.

"Is Louis awake now?"

"Yes, he woke up a few minutes ago and wishes to have some breakfast. Please take some food to him,"

Jacob said to Taylor with a friendly grin. As soon as he finished speaking, Emily dashed past him with Taylor on her arm. However, she was stopped instantly by Jacob, who caught her by the collar as if she was just a defenseless kitten.

He gazed at her surprised face and explained, "The hospital staff will be checking the wards soon, and only one visitor is allowed at a time with the patient. Why don't you come and have some breakfast with me?"

Emily was concerned about Louis's health. She wanted to know if he was doing all right, so she adamantly refused Jacob's suggestion. "No, I just want to look in on my brother."

"Trust me, he's fine. He's already whining about being hungry. It's a sure sign that he's on the mend!" Jacob noticed that Emily had changed. Her eyes were no longer as timid, and she

n she saw Taylor's face turn cherry red in embarrassment, Emily quickly added, "I will not disturb you guys. I'm going home with Jacob to get some rest!"

Leaving the two to sort through their issues themselves, Emily held Jacob's hand and left the hospital.

As soon as they arrived at Tyrone Mansion, Emily headed upstairs to prepare a warm bath for Jacob so that he could unwind and have a good sleep. Even though Jacob had planned to go out, he did not want to disappoint her or undermine her good intentions.

"Emily..." Jacob paused hesitantly.

Emily glanced at Jacob and pouted. "Don't say anything. When you wake up, we'll have a good chat."

"Emily, did you remember to take your medicine today?" Jacob's face was filled with concern.

Emily nodded and smiled. "I take my medicine on time every day. There's no need for you to remind me of that."

"That's good. Come and lie in my arms!"

To be honest, as long as Emily lay in Jacob's arms, she was instantly filled with a sense of security and soon became drowsy. Looking at Emily, who was breathing steadily on his chest, Jacob held her more forcefully. The day before, although he had tried his best to suppress his emotions, he had still feared that Emily would get hurt.

Fortunately, she knew fully how to protect herself.

If not for what Louis had told him, he would never have believed that she had actually pushed the water tank over.

It seemed that Emily was already recovering.

Jacob thought about what Tim had said, and it made him furrow his eyebrows with concern. He released a long sigh and found a more comfortable position in bed. He then turned off the phone on the bedside table and held Emily tightly before falling into an exhausted sleep.

Later that evening, Emily woke up from her dreams. Jacob was no longer in bed next to her. She dressed quickly and called out to Jacob, only to find that he was downstairs, reading the newspapers.

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