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   Chapter 1365 Taylor's Guilt

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As soon as Louis arrived at the hospital, he was wheeled into the operating room. Emily, who had been unaware of the severity of his condition, finally realized that something was wrong.

Emily took Jacob's hand and asked, "Jacob, surely you must know what's wrong with my brother?"

Jacob knew all about it. But he also feared that Emily was exhausted after such a terrible ordeal, so he could not tell her the truth, or her condition would deteriorate.

Emily looked up at Jacob with a pair of expectant eyes, hoping that he would tell her the truth. However, Jacob kept silent for a long time. Finally, he touched Emily's messy and tangled hair before deciding to lie to her by saying, "I don't know what's wrong with him either!"

Taylor suddenly raised up her head and looked at Jacob. Seeing that the expression on her face remained strained, Emily quickly asked her too. However, glancing at Jacob, Taylor simply lowered and shook her head.

"Stop wrapping me in cotton wool! Are you afraid that I can't take it? I can take it, really! Just tell me!" Emily demanded in exasperation.

If they didn't tell her, she would just overthink and worry more.

Jacob feared that Emily wouldn't be able to control her emotions, so he had to shield her. He thought of distracting her and said, "Emily, you see, Taylor is tired after today. You should take her to our home. You girls take a warm bath and get some sleep. Taylor is sad now and you need to comfort her, okay? When your brother gets out of the surgery, I'll tell you everything."

Jacob knew he couldn't reveal everything to Emily right now, so he had to use Taylor as an excuse to distract her from the idea.

Emily also knew that she shouldn't be too willful at the moment, so she nodded quickly and said, "Okay, then. Taylor and I will leave now."

"Okay, go ahead. I'll stay here and let you know."

With Jacob taking responsibility for Louis, Taylor could rest assured. She was indeed exhausted. But Amy was at home alone, so she had to swing by her own house. Just when Taylor raised her head to protest, Jacob added, "Amy is at my home."

"Thank you!"

Jacob arranged a driver to take Emily and Taylor back home. As soon as they arrived, they both received a huge hug from Amy. Emily had always felt uneasy around children. So when Amy wrapped her arms around Emily, she froze and stood still as a log.

Luckily, the butler saw her awkwardness and led Amy back inside immediately.

Emily finally relaxed somewhat.

"Are you going to sleep at your home with Amy tonight?" Emily asked.

Taylor shook her head. "I believe in Jacob. He'll take care of everything. As for Amy, I'm sure she's in good hands here."

"Then sleep beside me tonight." E

aid, "Thank you!"

"Why do you thank me? If you really wanted to thank me, you should buy me something delicious to eat. I want to have mango salad now."

"No problem, I'll order some take-away food right now."

After the food was delivered, they both tucked into the delicious food. Although Emily didn't eat near enough, Taylor still felt grateful that Emily was willing to eat the things she had bought. Still, Taylor didn't dare to tell Emily the news that Louis had donated his kidney to Amy.

While Emily was devouring the dessert, she suddenly asked, "Then how did Amy find a suitable kidney donor?"

Taylor swallowed heavily, and her face turned pale as she paused. "Well..."

After a moment's reflection, Taylor gathered all her courage and said, "Your brother's kidney was a perfect match for hers!"

Emily was more surprised at the news than Taylor had expected. She immediately put down her fork and pulled on a dress, asking the butler to arrange a car and take her to the hospital immediately.

Taylor pulled Emily's arm, trying to restrain her. She said, "Yvonne, don't do this. You can go there tomorrow. Jacob is there with Louis. He'll be fine."

"No, my brother..." Emily couldn't help but cry. Taylor hugged Emily and said, "I'm so sorry! It's all my fault! I've hurt both you and your brother!"

This time, Emily did not offer to ease Taylor's guilt any further. The two women held each other and wept together.

The butler felt sorry for them and said, "My Lady, Miss Tang, you both have to get some rest. If you show up at the hospital in this state, I'm afraid that Mr. Gu will just worry about you. Then, he'll have two more people to take care of."

"You are right!" Taylor sniffed but continued trying to persuade Emily to give up on the notion of going to the hospital now.

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