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   Chapter 1364 Game Over

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"Have you reached a decision? No? Then make your choice!" Ron's voice suddenly sounded. Emily, Louis, and Taylor all looked towards the source of the sound. They saw a small half-hidden window that they had not previously noticed. The people outside could monitor the situation in the small room clearly through that window.

"What kind of choice?" Taylor asked warily.

"He will have to choose who he wants to save–you or her!" With these words, Ron added with a gloomy smile, "The one Louis choses to save will leave with him. However, the loser will stay here to receive punishment. What an interesting game!"

"Is this necessary?" Taylor sneered. "I barely know this man, so I'm certain not to be an option for him. You are making him choose between me and his sister. Is that fair to me?"

Ron barked with laughter, a short and wicked sound. "Really? As far as I know, that's not what Louis thinks."

Taylor glanced at Louis and Emily. She was quite pale. If they couldn't resolve this matter as soon as possible, Emily would suffer a relapse.

"What he thinks is none of my business. But don't make me a part of this game! After all, I don't know them. I'm just a doctor." She wanted to distance them with these words.

But Ron was not gullible enough to believe it. After all, when his boss had assigned him the task, he had already been informed of the relationship among the three. There was also a man involved called Jacob. Unfortunately, this Jacob had not shown up.

If he had also been here, things would have gotten even more interesting.

"Really? Then you'll take turns and draw lots to decide who will play the game first. What do you think?" Though Ron seemed to be asking their opinion, the resolute expression on his face clearly showed that there was no bargaining to be done at all.

Ron clapped three times after he had finished his words.

The men who were controlling the three prisoners released their grip. Then they assumed a fighting stance, ready to attack.

Knowing that both Emily and Taylor needed protection, Louis pushed them behind his back and was immediately prepared to fight for them.

Taylor knew that Louis was going to fight against the men, but she was so worried about him that she couldn't help raising her voice and screaming, "Louis, don't push yourself!"

Ron heard it clearly. He licked his dry lips and looked at the shaking Louis in a new light. "Don't push yourself? Is there something wrong with you?" he teased.

Louis felt a chill run down his spine. He guessed that Ron must already have been informed about his recent kidney donation.

But he couldn't let Emily find out about it.

"There is nothing wrong with me. Do your worst." Louis stared at him furiously. He adamantly kept Taylor and Emily behind his back just like a general. He was surrou

od fighters.

But their task today was not to kill these three people. Their task was to lure Jacob here, and then their task would be completed.

Suddenly, Louis coughed raggedly. Worried about him, Taylor quickly volunteered, "No need for a lottery. I'll go into the water tank."

"How brave you are! I'll help you!" As Ron waved his hand, two of his men stepped forward to hold Taylor. Emily immediately pulled one of the men's arms and said, "Wait, since it is a game, we should have rules!"

"Rules? I am the rule!" With Ron's refusal, the two guys who had grabbed Taylor pulled her straight towards the water tank.

Noticing what was happening, Louis barred the path before Taylor to protect her. He tried to ignore the pain in his belly and ran to fight the two men. At the same time, Emily leaned against the water tank, pushing it over.

Well, now the game was cancelled.

Although Taylor and Emily were not as strong as men, they could still help Louis in some small way.

In the middle of the vicious melee within the waterlogged warehouse, there was a sudden uproar outside. Ron looked nervously at the door behind him and said, "Well, they're coming sooner than expected. Let's retreat!"

'They've decided to retreat so soon?' the three captives thought.

Emily and Taylor were totally confused upon seeing those men tuck tail and retreat.

Then, Louis suddenly staggered and fell to the ground as his legs buckled weakly. The last thing he saw was the gleaming light of the incandescent lamp, and then he passed out!

Taylor and Emily were both shocked. At the same time, Jacob rushed in, backed by a team of police in uniform. Before Ron and his men could escape, they cut off their retreat.

"Jacob, my brother..." Emily called.

Taylor was wailing inconsolably. She knew that Louis's kidney must have been damaged, but she dared not tell Emily.

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