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   Chapter 1363 A Game

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The man seated next to the driver was stunned and suddenly became furious. He spun around in his seat and looked at Emily fiercely. "What the hell are you talking about?"

Emily remained calm and explained unhurriedly, "I said, do you mean that only a bitch can know the name of your boss? That's a pity. Both Doctor Tang and I are good women, so we can't know your boss's name then."

Although Taylor knew that she should not laugh, given the situation, she still could not help letting out a loud giggle.

The man in the front seat suddenly threw his whole body backwards, trying to grab Emily's face, but the driver shouted, "Ron, don't act so rashly!"

His words made Emily and Taylor heave a collective sigh of relief.

However, just as they had settled their fear, the man in the driver's seat spoke again, saying, "Ron, throw away the phone!"

His words really struck a chill in Taylor's heart.

With a sense of dread in her trembling heart, she watched the man named Ron throw her phone out of the window.

After that, the car sped away even faster. After passing through three crossroads in a row, the car veered around and traveled in the opposite direction.

"Where are you taking us?" Taylor asked.

"Don't worry. I know you want to see Louis, and she wants to see Jacob. I'll grant both your wishes," the driver said in a cold voice, briefly glancing at them in the rearview mirror.

Emily shivered convulsively when she heard Jacob's name, and her calm facade crumbled in an instant. Taylor quickly wrapped her arms around Emily, and the man on the front seat sneered, "She is just a psycho bitch. I really don't know why Jacob cares so much about her."

"Do you have a wife and a child? I think you don't have a wife, a child, or parents, because you know no love, and no one could love someone like you!" Taylor sneered.

It went without saying that Taylor had an innate ability to irritate people in an exceptional capacity.

If the car hadn't been moving, the man in the passenger seat would probably have gotten out of the car to hit her.

After reaching their destination, the man in the front seat jumped out and rudely grabbed Taylor by the scruff of her neck before dragging her into a gasoline filled warehouse.

Before leaving, he di

w of his minions close behind him. With a vicious smile, he approached Emily and Taylor. "Well, well, I didn't expect a smart man like Louis would be foolish enough to come here alone!

Who will he choose? You guys, take these two bitches away!" Ron said with a smile, hanging on his lips.

Taylor cast a glimpse at Emily, and her eyes were full of worry as she feared that Emily would end up getting hurt again.

Fortunately, Emily quickly calmed down within half an hour of being moved from the warehouse to a cottage. She just sat there quietly without saying anything.

All of a sudden, the tiny wooden door opened, and Louis was thrown into the room by Ron.

"Taylor, Yvonne," Louis said with relief.

Taylor quickly ran to Louis, and Emily also raised her head, asking, "Brother, did you get in touch with Jacob? We also called the police! I don't know whether he..."

Louis and Taylor exchanged looks, and then Louis shook his head. "No, I came here alone. Maybe it's pure luck that I found you at all."

Indeed, Louis had been tracking Taylor's mobile phone earlier, but the search had led to where the mobile phone had been tossed into the grass. Then, he had tried to make his own luck going forward, but he could not find the abandoned warehouse where the girls were hidden by himself.

It was with Jacob's help that he had arrived here in the first place.

But he had to consider that someone might be eavesdropping outside the room. So, he couldn't comfort Taylor and Emily with this news.

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