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   Chapter 1362 Unexpected Interception

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Taylor's angry growl left Emily even more confused. So, she grabbed the chopsticks quickly and mumbled like a child who had done something wrong, "All right, all right, I'll eat it. Don't be so angry."

Hearing these words, Taylor was gobsmacked. So Emily had only understood that she wanted her to eat? That hadn't been her real purpose. She had wanted her not to be so dependent on Jacob.

But on second thought, the fight seemed to have been about Emily's reluctance to start eating. Taylor sighed and finally grabbed her chopsticks and dished up some food for herself.

After they had watched the movie, it was getting late and evening was approaching. Emily checked her wrist and said, "I have to go home. Emi might be very unhappy since she hasn't seen me all day."

"Let me drive you home."

In fact, Emily was not only worried about Emi, but also about Jacob, whom she hadn't seen since breakfast. She didn't know if he had eaten today and how it was going with the search for Darren.

But since Taylor had implied that she was overly reliant on Jacob, Emily could only use Emi as an excuse to go home early.

The car drove steadily on the road. When it passed by a newly developed zone, Emily became impressed by the scenery along the way. It had been winter for so long, but this area was still beautiful.

While all the trees in other areas had withered with winter, the plants in this area still looked beautiful as if they were not influenced by the season at all.

Most importantly, the lines drawn on the road were colorful like rainbows.

The afterglow of the setting sun had bathed everything around them in rosy hues, making it both beautiful and relaxing.

"Something is wrong here," Taylor suddenly said in a vigilant tone. Emily turned her head to look at Taylor and saw that her face was serious. She quickly became timid and asked fearfully, "What's wrong?"

"There are three cars following behind us," said Taylor.

"Maybe they're just going in the same direction as us?" Emily comforted, "If there were really bad guys following us, it wouldn't be only three cars!"

As if speaking of the devil, another car suddenly approached them, coming from the front. At the same time, the three cars behind them sped up, rushing towards them. Taylor, being hyper-vigilant, made a quick turn and managed to evade the car in front of them!

But her driving skills were not as developed as the drivers' of the three other cars. Soon, she was boxed in by the four cars again.

She was forced to stop, and she pounded

enly called from inside the car.

Taylor turned back to stare at Emily. Though there were tears on Emily's face, she was trying to keep calm. If they had been in any other circumstance, Taylor would have hugged her and encouraged her by saying, "Well done! You have better control of your emotions, and it's great progress."

Taylor, still trying to comfort Emily, said, "Don't worry. I've already told your brother where we are."

Emily nodded.

The men came over and subdued them rudely. They ransacked through all their belongings, and grabbed Taylor's cellphone.

Taylor was so scared, but she was also glad that those men had taken her cellphone. In that way, Louis would be able to track their location.

"Get in the car!" the man called out to them, and then they were dragged to the other car.

Seeing Emily's pale face, Taylor was afraid that she would suffer a nervous breakdown again from all the stress, so she chatted with the people in the car, trying to distract Emily's attention. "There are so many professions to choose from in this world, why would you choose to be ruffians?"

"So many professions? Those are only reserved for you rich people!" the man in the passenger seat said, chatting with Taylor.

He added with a sneer, "Men like us can only follow our boss."

"And who is your boss?" Taylor continued asking.

The man in the passenger seat snorted, "Bitch! How dare you ask for my boss's name? What right does a bitch like you have?"

"You mean only a bitch can ask for your boss's name, right?" Emily chipped in. Taylor was so surprised that Emily could crack a joke at this moment. She began to hope that the healthy and confident Emily had returned.

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