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   Chapter 1327 The Sudden Happiness

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With Darren having left F Country, most of his subordinates in F Country had also left. He had left only a few of his men guarding the casino that provided his funds from F Country.

Sam was excellent at his job. He had only been there for a few days, yet he had already caught every one of Darren's remaining men.

He had done a good job of mopping up Darren's power base. Under the pressure of his thorough interrogations and with the temptation of their freedom, those men quickly capitulated and told him where the pharmacist was.

Darren had always been very cautious. He had left many of his subordinates to guard the pharmacist. Even so, they were no match for the talented men that Sam employed. It proved to be simple. And Darren's mindless servants were easy to control.

Soon, he located the pharmacist who had injected the poison into Carlos, and the truth was revealed.

It turned out that the poison was fake and not real at all.

When Jacob called to inform the Li Family, it was Chuck who answered the phone. Jacob did not mince words, and he immediately asked him to pass the phone to Carlos.

"Do you always have a relapse after you've been drinking?" Jacob asked bluntly.

After a moment's reflection, Carlos nodded. But realizing that Jacob couldn't see him from the other end of the call, he answered, "Yes."

"I sent my people to find that pharmacist in F Country. Turns out the poison is just something that causes a reaction when you consume alcohol. As long as you stop drinking, you will be fine," Jacob explained simply.

As a result, Carlos felt a great sense of relief. Was it really that simple?

But soon, he seemed to fret and asked, "Does that mean I can't ever drink alcohol for the rest of my life?"

Obviously, Jacob didn't bother to dignify that with a reply and simply responded by saying, "I will send you the information on the kind of drug they used later. Have a look for yourself."

"Okay, thank you." Carlos could find no other words to express his gratitude.

As for Jacob's coldness, Carlos had no reservations

with Dina over the phone, but Dina seemed to have abandoned the world, and she had disappeared without a trace.

Finally, Nora chose to wait in front of Dina's house, but by midnight, Dina still hadn't arrive there.

Though she was cursing in her rage, Nora dared not really expose the original copy of the recording pen. After all, it was the only evidence that could limit Dina which she still possessed. Even if it was really exposed to the public, it would not do her any good.

Finally, Nora's plan failed yet again.

However, she did not give up on the idea of finding Dina until Carlos called and shared the news with her about the fake poison.

"Nora, you don't have to worry about my dying anymore. That poison only reacts to alcohol, and there are no other effects. Also, over time, it will dilute into the body and eventually disappear," he informed her. After reconfirming what they had discovered about this poison now, Carlos finally dared to believe that he was not dying, so he personally went to tell Nora about the happy news.

But he was unaware that if he had come a little later, things might not have gone off as he had expected.

However, all of this was no longer important to Nora now. As long as she could receive such good news from him, she had no more concerns.

She was too excited and couldn't even speak. Happiness had come so suddenly.

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