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   Chapter 1323 Kiss Me When I Leave

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7892

Updated: 2020-03-26 00:02

Estelle and Ethan thrived as a couple. Their every interaction was a tacit and sweet exploration into being together. In all of her past twenty-five years, Estelle had never experienced such bliss. She felt like she was surrounded by sweetness, and every breath was glazed with joy.

She had never thought that the person who had once filled her with fear and made her heart tremble would end up being her love.

In retrospect, the barrage of unhappy events from their past now seemed like a piece of cake. It was exactly those unfortunate events that had been the stepping stones that built a bridge for them to be together. How strange life was!

It seemed that all her past unhappy memories had faded, and instead, her mind was fixated on the desperate times when Ethan had come to her rescue. He had moved from villain to hero in her mind. Ethan had been there, jumping to rescue her when she was in the darkest and most desperate pit of despair. Time and time again, her frozen heart thawed slowly under his care. She could finally not feel the cold, but only the warmth that this man gave her.

However, even now, surrounded by the sweetness of being in love, Estelle was unable to find peace. She could not help but worry about Ellen. She feared for Ellen's current situation.

In fact, regardless of how cool she pretended to be, it would be a lie if she said that she was not worried about Ellen.

The reason why she didn't tell Ethan about her concerns was that she really didn't want to talk about it. Every time she mentioned it, she had to remember the terrible fight, and that tore her heart anew. Moreover, Estelle couldn't really help her escape from any legal sanctions. All she could do was to hire a lawyer for Ellen.

After all, Ellen was her sister. She couldn't abandon her.

She didn't want Ellen to be punished, so she planned to hire the best lawyer for her sister. Anyway, she would attend her sister's trial and secretly help her.

Estelle feared that her sister would make some bold but foolish move to save herself, such as looking for a back door.

To Estelle's surprise, Ellen quietly stayed at home, seemingly having no intention of fleeing.

'Why is she suddenly so well-behaved? Didn't she yell at me about her plans during our quarrel the other day? Was she just overcome by anger and desperation on that day, w


The last sentence sounded a bit harsh, and Estelle said in confusion, "Okay, go, go. Just come back early!"

Ethan frowned and repeated with a serious look on his face, "I said I'm leaving!"

"Okay! So go and remember to come back early," Estelle repeated as well. She was a bit stunned by his words. 'Just go! Why is he repeating the same words?'

Suddenly, Ethan frowned. He couldn't believe that Estelle failed to grasp his intention.

'Really?' he hesitated. Well, since she was so inexperienced, he would have to teach her in person!

Thinking of this, Ethan came close to her and held her small head with his large hand. Then Estelle's view was suddenly filled by him as he leaned in closer to her. Being somewhat pinned down, she felt a burst of warm breath on her lips.

Half a minute later, Ethan finally released Estelle from his hold. He licked his lips with his tongue, as if he could still taste her there, and he was clearly still obsessed with the kiss just now. Then he snickered, "You should do this every time I leave home in the future. Do you understand?"

Hearing his demand, Estelle blushed in an instant. Before she could understand where this request came from, she dizzily nodded her head. It was as if Ethan's words had some magic spell that she couldn't resist. Once she came back to her senses, she shook her head crazily and said, "That was so weird! I am not sure that I will be okay."

"I don't care. You have to agree. I won't take no for an answer. If you don't take the initiative, then I will," he continued.

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