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   Chapter 1322 Having A Home

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Updated: 2020-03-25 20:35

Estelle knew that there was nothing she could say now that would make any difference. She was bitterly disappointed. 'So be it then, ' she thought as anguish filled her. There was no point in even trying to explain anything.

All of a sudden, Ellen rose and glanced resolutely at Estelle. She seemed about ready to issue Estelle an ultimatum. "I am going to ask you just one more time. I don't want to end up in jail. Will you help me or not?"

Estelle also rose to her feet, trying to touch Ellen, but the latter dodged her hands, backing off two steps. Already grieving for her sister, Estelle said, "I'll find the best lawyer for you. We should put our faith in the law. At worst, even if you are sentenced, it will not be a severe sentence. Don't worry. No matter what happens, you are first and foremost, my dearest sister. I..."

"Enough!" Before Estelle could finish her comforting words, Ellen cut her off. "If you don't want to help me, then don't offer me fake platitudes. It's now clear that Mom is the only one who really loves me in this family."

Spitting these words like venom, Ellen advanced a few steps forward, and the tears on her face had completely dried away with her air of innocence. Instead, her face had become a resolute mask, making her a stranger to Estelle. Her cold attitude forced Estelle to withdraw in shock. "Hear me, Estelle Wang. From now on, you don't have the right to meddle in my affairs, so please don't concern yourself with what I do going forward. Otherwise, I will have no more bond with you, and it will be the end of us."

Not saying another word, she disappeared upstairs without even a backward glance. Estelle tried calling to her from behind in an effort to stop her, but Ellen seemed to have grown deaf to her sister's voice. There was no hesitation as she left, and she cast Estelle a cold shoulder.

Estelle closed her eyes and wept silently. She couldn't bear to see her beloved younger sister, who had been under her protection, walk down this path of thorns. However, the situation was out of her control now.

Her heart drowned in despair. She thought that Ellen and Sybil must have lost their minds.

At this moment, her prayer that her father would somehow wake up in the hospital right now reached a fever pitch. How she wished he was here to make the right decision. Sadly, she knew that that wish was simply impossible.

Estelle couldn't stay at home after th

e, and my father is still sick, there is a man called Ethan who has always been steadfast with me, ' she thought.

She nodded and finally smiled. "Now I have huge trouble ahead of me. I had a fight with my family. I wonder if I can temporarily stay here."

Ethan was listening carefully, ready to help her handle the dilemma. However, he hadn't expected that Estelle would make such a request. A big smile spread on his face. He raised his eyebrows and played with the key in his hand. Then he grabbed her hand and pressed the key into it, saying, "Of course, you can stay here as long as you want to. But you should know that once you enter the door of this house today, you will be the hostess of this house from now on. you dare to accept it?"

Hearing his words, Estelle looked into his eyes and found that although his tone was playful, there was obvious seriousness in his eyes.

She would never have believed that the man whom she had hated so greatly, and with whom she had a trade-based relationship, would give her such a sense of security and warmth in her heart.

She didn't know whether it was their destiny to be together or not. She didn't even know how long this love would endure, but at least, at this moment, her heart really melted, and she wanted with all her heart to accept this man.

Estelle's eyes were melting with warm tenderness. At last, she clenched the key that Ethan gave her and replied, "Of course, I do!"

Turning around with a bright smile, she unlocked the door with the key.

'From now on, I have another warm home. This feels so good, ' Estelle thought happily.

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