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   Chapter 1316 Wavering Mind

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7167

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Although Nora felt displeased by Cherish's competition, she couldn't show these feelings. After all, in the end, Carlos had chosen to be with her right now.

But when they left, she clung tightly to Carlos's arm. She displayed her affection on purpose to show off in front of Cherish.

However, when they returned home, she was totally shocked by what they found. As soon as she opened the door, they walked into a room completely upturned and ransacked. It appeared that every corner of the room had been turned over.

Nora screamed but quickly covered her mouth as she looked at Carlos. He rushed into the room to look for any intruders who might still be there, but he found no-one. He was relieved, and then turned to look at Nora, asking, "Nora, go and see if there is anything missing. If anything has been taken, I will call the police immediately."

Hearing this, Nora entered through the door, looked around briefly and then turned back.

All of a sudden, she almost bumped into Carlos who had been behind her the whole time. He looked inquisitive, as if he was studying her. She didn't know why, but this filled her heart with a feeling of unrest.

Carlos immediately realized that his behavior was abnormal, and he quickly stepped away. With an innocent look, he asked, "Well, has anything gone missing?"

In fact, he had secretly checked his cell phone only moments before, but Perrin had messaged that he hadn't found anything. Carlos had hoped that with Nora's house having been "burgled," she would immediately rush to check on the most important thing to her. However, she hadn't done that, and he remained clueless as to the location of the pen recorder.

Nora regained her composure and shook her head. "No, nothing is missing."

"Well, that's good!" Carlos nodded and began to turn the furniture back upright.

"By the way, weren't you at home just a few minutes ago?" Nora suddenly asked with a puzzled frown.

In fact, she hadn't told Carlos where she had gone, so why had he gone out suddenly and how had he even met Cherish? She couldn't help feeling a little curious about this.

Moreover, even though

hoped that these years with Nora, the beautiful love in his heart and the feelings he had for her would last forever. Even if they were not destined to be together, he hoped that their ending wouldn't be a cruel one.

"By the way, I asked Darren for the antidote, but he refused to give it to me." She was clearly upset and continued, "That slimy bastard said he would only give us the antidote once he gets the HT Group back."

Carlos had already expected that result. If he had been in Darren's shoes, he would probably have done the same thing.

He caressed Nora's head and comforted her in a soft voice, "It doesn't matter. I haven't had such a reaction for a long time, right? You don't have to worry so much."

"You suffered extreme pain when you had an attack from the poison's symptoms. I don't know when it can happen again! I really don't want you to suffer such pain again." Nora felt remorseful as she said, "I'm sorry. It's all my fault. I'm the reason that you suffer like this."

"I would go through this again willingly. It's the reason why you came back with me, right?" Carlos held her tighter again and said, "Now that you are with me, the pain is worth it."

At that moment, the room around them was in a terrible mess, but the two people standing so sweetly in each other's embrace made it seem like romance heaven. 'As long as I love you, the world doesn't look so terrible, ' they each thought.

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