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   Chapter 1315 A Broken Heart

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Hearing this, the reporters suddenly seemed to have been ignited by Cherish's explosive points, and they bombarded her with even more questions.

"Miss Shen, do your comments mean that you prefer your present sister-in-law, Xandria? Is it because she is such an expert schemer that you accept her?" one of the paparazzi demanded.

"Do you have any idea which of them initiated the abduction incident of Dina and Xandria? Please tell us," another one pressed.

"As Perrin's sister, do you believe that your brother has gone too far? Have you ever considered dissuading him?" Another question was hurled into the fray.

These words triggered countless speculations. Finally, Cherish realized that she had to keep quiet. Otherwise, those damn reporters might twist her words and end up with a more juicy story to report as fact.

But even though she refused to answer them now, she couldn't leave. She had covered a lot of ground in her attempt to search for Carlos, and the driver was unaware of what was happening here. Therefore, he could not come to her aid.

For the first time in her life, Cherish felt that cameras could be so scary. She wanted to hide from the bright flashes and countless questions, but she was unable to leave.

The voices of the reporters were like the buzzing of flies, and they followed her everywhere.

As she verged on a breakdown, a man broke through the crowd and brought her a breath of quietness in the midst of the storm.

"Sorry, Miss Shen is not giving interviews now. If you keep harassing her like this, I'll take you to the police station, which is just around the corner, by the way." Carlos's voice cut through the endless questions in a deep and powerful tone.

Obviously, he wasn't joking. No matter how badly the reporters wanted to create a story by staying and harassing Cherish, they were left with no choice now and had to leave reluctantly. The serious look on his face was enough to scatter them. He seemed about to take out his phone and dial the cops at any moment.

After the press left, the world seemed to return to a blessed silence.

It made Carlos's heart ache to see Cherish so panic stricken. After watching her for a moment, he finally wrapped his strong arms around her slender shoulders and whispered in her ear

I can't protect you if you should encounter those reporters again."

As Carlos spoke, he noticed the car driving closer to Cherish. He then turned around and left with Nora.

Watching them leave hand in hand, Cherish was overcome with envy. She had hoped that she would have the chance to be with him, but it turned out that it was all just her fantasy.

As for the hug earlier...

Maybe Carlos had just felt pity for her?

She stared at his back in a daze until the driver called out to her, "Miss, your brother sent me to pick you up."

Hearing this, Cherish returned to her senses. Not wanting another incident to happen again, she got into the car without hesitation. Then the driver said to her, "Your brother asked me to tell you that Carlos's cellphone accidentally hit the ground. That's why you heard such strange sounds and then the call cut out."

So… She had given in to her fear and had been over-protective.

But as long as Carlos was alright, it was better than nothing, although it had been no thanks to her.

She nodded dully and said, "I know. Let's go."

Having spoken, she leaned against the car window listlessly and let the tears fall from her anguished eyes.

It was really painful to fall in love with someone who would never return that love, and you would just end up getting hurt.

The car kept driving along. If it was possible, she would really want this car to drive her right into his heart. However, tragically, the car was just moving farther and farther away from Carlos.

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