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   Chapter 1313 A Confrontation

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The next day, Jacob rushed to the hospital as soon as he heard the news. After the initial recovery stage, Louis and Amy had been assigned separate rooms. Sometimes Louis needed to work, so he didn't want to disturb Amy's rest. When Jacob entered the room, he found that Louis was alone in the room. He was sitting with a laptop perched on his knees, trying to get some work done.

"Wow, you are really devious, Louis. Why didn't you tell us about this?"

This was the first sentence that Jacob said after entering the room.

Rolling his eyes, Louis snorted and said, "I'm not a teenager. I can do what I want."

Jacob nodded and said, "Yes, that's true. You've just undergone a major surgery. Yet you've started to work immediately. Is there no one else in your company?"

This rebuke was the second sentence that Jacob said once he stopped next to Louis's bed.

Louis rolled his eyes again. "What can I say? I'm a workaholic. I'm not as capable as you are, but you have no right to judge me," he said.

Jacob nodded again. "Better to ask for forgiveness than permission, huh? I wonder if my father-in-law will break your legs once he knows about this."

"I haven't told him yet. When I get better, there will be no need to tell him. I don't want him to worry about these things," Louis said earnestly as he glanced at Jacob. The playful banter between them was finally over.

However, Jacob threw up his hands and said ominously, "But I have already told him."

"Jacob, you..." Louis shut the laptop loudly. If he had been able to, he would certainly have punched Jacob in his mouth now.

Noticing Louis's exasperation, Jacob seemed to have reached his goal. He smiled and said, "I do enjoy watching you squirm like that."

As soon as he said this, Louis knew that Jacob had only been joking. Relieved, Louis tormented Jacob with his keen eyes, complaining, "Jacob, you really care about me. I've just had an operation, and you didn't forget to make me upset."

Hearing this, Jacob smiled and handed a glass of water

alking over with the meal box. She had made today's meal by herself. She had cooked the soup and some other things.

To his surprise, he watched her take out a plate of an odd-looking dish. The food smelled good but looked very strange.

"Wait. What's that?" Louis asked suspiciously.

Hearing his concern, Taylor placed the dish in front of Louis and said proudly, "Well, it's the intestines of an animal. I've heard that if you eat the internal organs of an animal, they will nourish your own internal organs. Since your own organs have been injured now, you'd better eat this tonic to recover them."

"You're a doctor. How can you believe in such nonsense?" Louis asked in disbelief.

"I didn't want to believe it at first. But if the rumor proves even slightly true, then just eat it!" Taylor cocked her head and said.

After explaining, without noticing the stiff expression and slight revulsion on Louis's face, Taylor gently placed the items into Louis's bowl with her chopsticks.

Louis felt happy to see her being so caring about him. He didn't care whether the food was delicious or not, or if the food was poison or not. He would eat anything she asked him to eat!

"Wow! It's so delicious!"

His joy was not from any taste of the food–which was actually quite odd tasting–but rather it was due to the woman who had made it for him!

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