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   Chapter 1311 Successful Match

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After Darren released Taylor, Louis didn't argue with him any further. He helped Taylor out of the sack, and then he helped her over to a corner.

Louis took off the blindfold for her. When he saw her face all swollen on one side, and the bloody stain showing at the corner of her mouth, he felt extremely sorry for her. His eyes soon burned with anger. Without saying a word, he swung back to Darren, but Taylor grabbed his arm.

Looking back, Louis saw Taylor shaking her head at him in warning, begging him to back off.

Taylor knew that Louis had already found himself in a conflict situation with Darren because of her. She didn't want more antagonism to exist between the two of them due to her.

He didn't know what Taylor was contemplating, but looking at her, without any other choice, he had to relent and escort her back home even though he was eager to get revenge on Darren. There were many sins for Darren to answer for. As long as Taylor needed him, nothing else could be more important to Louis.

He tried to hide the hatred in his eyes and looked at Taylor affectionately, feeling overcome with pity for her. He carefully tore the black tape away from her delicate lips and undid the bindings around her hands and feet.

Then, he squatted in front of her and asked in a soft voice filled with concern, "How are you feeling now? Have you been hurt?"

As he spoke, he checked her over, trying to ascertain whether there was anything wrong with her apart from the beating she had taken to her face. His eyes were tender and full of worry.

Taylor was still crying, but seeing his tender consideration, she felt utterly weak and helpless. Finding some unknown inner strength, she lifted her arms and held onto the man who towered over her protectively.

She embraced Louis very tightly, pressing her body against his as she allowed her fear of this rare moment to surface.

It was the first time that Taylor had shown such physical affection to him ever since they had met. Louis's face went blank for a moment, but then a smile flitted over his thin lips. Finally, he raised his hands and held her in a warm embrace. He rubbed her back gently with one hand and said, "Don't be afraid. It's okay. No one will dare to hurt you now that I am with you."


his mind at that moment as he tried to process what he had heard.

But thinking that the sweet girl was ill because of a problem with her kidneys, Louis felt a sharp pain in his heart. In an urgent voice, he asked, "Can I take a compatibility test? If possible, I will try my best to save her."

This was exactly the reason why Taylor had confided the truth to him. When she heard this, her eyes sparkled with hope again, and she nodded in agreement.

She knew of the true relationship between Louis and Amy. If he was willing to undergo the compatibility test, Amy would have a real chance of being saved.

The two of them went to the hospital to take the test the following day.

At the same time, Louis had ordered his men to search through the kidney donors available from all over the world to check if anyone was a match to Amy. In fact, he did not place much hope upon himself that his kidney would match Amy's, but unexpectedly, the final test report showed that his kidney was an exact match for Amy's.

It was definitely some good news for Taylor as it meant there was a high chance of her daughter's survival.

In order not to stir up more trouble or complications, Louis immediately signed the letter of consent to donate one of his kidneys during a specialized operation without telling anyone else.

After all, saving Amy was a matter of great urgency right now. No one knew how long the little girl would last without a kidney. Naturally, the sooner she received a donor kidney, the better.

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