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   Chapter 1310 Pick Taylor Up

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7644

Updated: 2020-03-17 00:02

When Darren had previously shown her the report indicating he was a match for the kidney transplant, she had doubted the authenticity of the report. Being cautious, Taylor had carefully appraised and checked the results. At last, she could not find any grounds to refute it.

Therefore, she had complied with Darren's instructions, hopeful that he would keep his word. Having reached the end of the road with all her other medical avenues, she had no other hopes now.

However, when she asked him for help again, Darren didn't relent at all. "I told you quite clearly last time that I would find a suitable kidney for Anna, but I would never give her mine. I admit that I used you, but I had my own reason for doing that. If your daughter can hold on until the day that I defeat Jacob, I will keep my promise and donate my kidney to her."

"But she can't hold on that long!" Taylor looked anxiously at the man who towered over her. Since her hands and feet were completely immobile, she pleaded more sincerely, "Please, I'm begging you. I'll do anything as long as you save her."

Darren was obviously impatient with having to explain himself again. He willfully avoided her request and said in a fierce tone, "I don't want to repeat myself again. I will let you go this time, but don't try to act against me again. Don't ever believe that you can kill me. Never imagine doing that again!"

Taylor's chin hurt from being tightly clenched by him, and she looked at Darren with hate-filled eyes. In a voice that no longer even sounded like her own, she cursed, "Darren, you are disgusting!" She gawked and spat at him then.

Darren wiped the spittle off his face and smiled sardonically. Suddenly, his face turned pale with fear. He raised his hand and slapped Taylor mightily.

"Do you want to die?"

She felt a burning pain where his hand had connected with her face and tasted a warm, sweet liquid in her mouth that left a metallic tang in her throat. Soon, her face became swollen and numb.

Even so, there was no fear on her face. She simply stared at him and said, "Darren, you will be punished. I will not let you get away with this, even though it will cost me my life."

At this moment, Taylor's desperation had filled her with rough bravery, and she felt utterly fe

filth you have gathered to your name?" Rage and fury was written all over Louis's face. "If you don't want to die miserably, then, let go of Taylor! Right away!"

Hearing the threat, the false smile on Darren's face finally disappeared. He composed his face and said, "Louis, don't talk so much. I'm afraid that when you kneel down at my feet and beg for mercy, you will end up being too humiliated!"

Then, Darren glanced at Louis and the men that he had come here with. He concluded that given the current situation, it would be better for him to not stir up any more trouble. Since the arrest order had just been revoked, he would be in trouble again if he was implicated in a fight so soon.

"Louis, since you felt it was necessary to bring so many guards here, I'm afraid I won't keep her today. I'll release her this time, but I won't let her off so easily if she dares to commit any more crimes against me again,"

Darren said and nodded at his men. They carefully handed the sack to Louis.

When Louis opened the sack and hugged her in his strong arms, Taylor felt a sense of warm strength and safety that was quite unfamiliar to her. Finally, she wept.

Her tears were streaming down her cheeks like monsoon rain, but she couldn't control the flood.

This man was destined to be with her. Even if she had tried every way she knew how to live independently and solve her own problems, when she needed him, he would appear, breaking all the barriers she had tried to put up to keep him out. Was it fate?

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