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   Chapter 1309 The Assassination

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The plane from F Country landed in Jingshi City. A few minutes later, Darren walked out of the airport and took his sunglasses off. He took in his surroundings and then inhaled deeply.

The sky was still as blue as he remembered it to be, and he breathed in the same familiar air.

That wasn't all. When Darren thought about how he and Jacob were now moving underneath the same sky, he was thrilled.

It seemed that the competition between him and Jacob extended beyond business. Gradually, he had begun to see the whole thing as a game. What mattered was whoever could make it to the end.

The game was about to end, and Jacob was about to lose.

Darren smiled at the thought. He then got into the car which had been waiting for him even before his arrival.

This time, he would settle in Wind Mansion. The car entered the property and parked moments later. As soon as he entered the house, one of his men approached and reported, "Mr. Xu, we can't get HT Group's shares transferred to you right now. The arrest warrant has just been withdrawn, and we are still under observation. I'm afraid we'll have to postpone the transfer."

The news displeased Darren, but he didn't lose his temper. Sooner or later, the shares were sure to be his anyway.

"Then take it easy, and let Jacob be complacent for a few more days. But be careful and proceed with the transfer as early as possible." When Darren thought about Jacob, he frowned and then continued, "He must know that I have returned. Keep an eye on him and report everything to me."

"Yes, sir!"

Although Emily's mental state surely required some of Jacob's energy for the time being, he might still have just enough to deal with Darren. The latter would not let his guard down until he was sure that his nemesis was completely exhausted.

Meanwhile, after Louis and Taylor's confrontation, Louis had sent men to watch her.

If anything unusual happened, his men would inform him about it.

He didn't trust her, and he was afraid that she would hurt Emily even further. As Emily's brother, it was his responsibility to protect her.

He could offer Taylor some time to

that she had left into pushing the knife closer to Darren's back, attempting still to end him.

But Darren was much stronger. In the end, Taylor was not able to get the blade of her knife any closer. In fact, he turned around and completely overpowered her.

In the blink of an eye, more than a dozen bodyguards came rushing into the room. Darren handed her over to two men who promptly secured her from both sides. Moving became impossible.

Mere seconds later, it was quiet once more. The last sound was of the door being slammed shut. Darren paced back and forth and studied Taylor's face. Seeing no change in her facial expression sparked his interest. He looked her in the eyes and asked, "Your reaction is very interesting. Did you come here today to kill me?"

Taylor glanced at him. It seemed like she did not want to look him in the eyes. "If I said no, would you believe me?"

"Of course, I'll believe you." Darren raised Taylor's chin and added, "I'll believe any word coming from the mouth of a beauty like you, Miss Tang."

Since Darren did not appear angry, Taylor felt a glimmer of hope. The expression on her face softened as she implored, "Darren, I beg you, please! Please save my daughter."

Removing a single kidney from a person would not normally do much harm to their health. However, Darren's donor kidney meant everything to her daughter, as her survival depended heavily on obtaining it.

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