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   Chapter 1303 Do You Dare Claim You're Not Involved

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7029

Updated: 2020-03-12 00:36

Louis sighed heavily and slowly pushed the door open.

On hearing movement behind her, Taylor subconsciously turned and looked back. She had initially thought that it was a nurse, coming to make the rounds of the wards, but when she saw Louis standing in the doorway, her smile melted off her face instantly.

She had been trying to avoid all of Louis's inquiries and calls. Therefore, he shouldn't have known where she was or what had happened to Amy, and it should have been impossible for him to have found them here.

While she was still wondering about this, Louis walked in. When he drew near, he saw Amy, who was sleeping with her eyes tightly closed.

Her face was pale and tightly drawn, and she looked weak, which made his heart ache.

"What's wrong with Amy?" Seeing that Amy was asleep, Louis deliberately spoke in a whisper.

It was only then that Taylor snapped back to the present. She glanced at Amy's sleeping face and breathed a sigh of relief. Recently, Amy had struggled to fall asleep because of her illness. Taylor had only just managed to get her to sleep, and she didn't want her to be woken up.

Before Louis could say another word, Taylor covered Amy's small hands with the quilt and dragged him out of the ward.

Even if Louis was not willing to step outside, he still followed her. As the door closed behind them, and before Louis could ask any questions, Taylor demanded, "Why are you here?"

After hearing her question, Louis suddenly remembered the reason for his visit. He lowered his eyes momentarily and forced himself to keep calm. At the moment, he was more concerned with what was wrong with Amy. It didn't seem like some garden-variety illness. "What happened to Amy?" he asked again.

Somehow, seeing Amy's weak appearance, Louis felt very sorry for her. He remembered that when he had first seen Amy, he had felt a closeness to her.

Maybe it was because Amy was very cute or maybe it was because she had the same blue eyes as he did, but he felt a connection.

Even though he had confirmed many times that there was no genetic connection betwee

e would voluntarily confide in him and come clean about everything herself.

But she didn't.

Taylor had never seen Louis as furious as this before. She realized then that something must have happened to Emily, and it was related to her.

Without releasing his grip, Louis spoke with hatred in his eyes. "Don't play dumb with me, Taylor."

He then nodded and continued, "Okay. Since you insist that you didn't know what happened, let me tell you. When Jacob returned home with Emily this afternoon, they were ambushed. Someone threw firecrackers on the roof of Jacob's car, which triggered Emily's mood swings. She had an episode and fainted, and she was taken to some of the best doctors in the nearest city for examination. They said that although the medication you prescribed could stabilize her emotions temporarily, long-term use of the medication could lead to severe complications of her condition. Once she is aggravated, her condition will become progressively more and more severe."

Hearing this, Taylor began trembling with fear. Her face grew paler by the second. It seemed that Darren had taken action already. However, he hadn't even bothered to tell her before his men had acted. He had left her in a desperate situation!

Seeing her face turning pale, Louis's heart sank. In an icy voice, he demanded, "So, do you still dare to claim that you had nothing to do with this?"

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