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   Chapter 1302 Leave It To Him

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"Boss, do you need me to bring in some of our guys to catch Dr. Taylor immediately?" Sam asked.

Jacob thought for a while and asked, "Who do you think Taylor works for?"

Thinking about this, Sam pouted and an expression of hatred flashed on his face. "Who else could it be except Darren?"

Jacob nodded in silent agreement. After several minutes, he said, "I'll call Louis personally. He can solve this."

"Ah, do you… Do you also suspect Louis?" Sam was very surprised. Although Louis was suspicious as he had a very close relationship with Taylor, he was still Emily's brother, and since finding her, no matter what happened, he had always been on their side. It was very unlikely that he would commit such a crime.

Jacob was already aware of the relationship between Louis and Taylor. As a man, he could tell that the relationship between Louis and Taylor was not just casual.

Finally, he shook his head and said with a mischievous smile, "I don't doubt him. But since we have been so occupied lately, there is no need for us to take over his job."

Understanding what Jacob meant, Sam nodded.

In Louis's office, his subordinate was reporting on a situation to him. "Mr. Ke, I have checked the surveillance video you asked me to have analyzed. That day, Scott suddenly became excited when he saw those two people."

He then handed an iPad to Louis that had been paused on a screenshot of the video.

Louis clicked the video, which displayed the footage from the shopping mall. It showed that Scott had a mental melt-down as soon as he stepped out of the elevator followed by his servants and bodyguards.

He carefully observed Scott's actions, and found that he was looking straight ahead without looking away. Louis followed his gaze and saw a man and a woman. It seemed that they were having an intimate exchange.

Louis's eyes narrowed as he recognized the man–it was Bill! He had orchestrated a series of crimes recently, and he had been endlessly stirring up trouble in Louis's life.

"I have collected the information on these two people. The man is Bill, while the woman is

about asking for Taylor's help, but the next moment, someone had reached out and slapped him on the face with her disloyalty.

Had he trusted her too much? In other words… Had his relationship with her become a kind of dependence?

At first, he wanted to change his mind, but he couldn't do anything about it. After a while, he picked up his coat and car keys with annoyance, and then he slammed the door and left.

When he reached the hospital where Taylor was working, Louis found that her office was empty. Passing by a nurse, Louis inquired, "Is Dr. Taylor here?"

The nurse looked at Louis and thought that he looked familiar. She shook her head and said, "Dr. Taylor is not here. She is looking after her daughter on the 13th floor of the in-patient department."

"Inpatient department?" Louis was shocked as he muttered. Then he remembered that Amy was always in poor health and thought that perhaps she was ill. He quickly thanked the nurse and left, following the directions that she gave him.

After arriving on the 13th floor of the in-patient department, Louis asked at the nurse's desk again and successfully found out where Taylor and Amy's ward was.

Through the glass on the door, Louis saw Taylor's small figure sitting hunched over her little girl, who had fallen asleep on the bed.

Somehow, seeing such a tender scene, Louis suddenly felt his uncontrollable anger fade.

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