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   Chapter 1301 Get A New Psychologist

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Emily screamed in horror. She seemed to have completely lost her mind. The firecrackers kept crackling and spluttering, and their explosive sounds were like bombs exploding in her mind. She felt as though she was dying many times, but she did not die wholly every time, and instead she was being repeatedly tortured.

"Emily, Emily, calm down! Don't be afraid. I am here with you," Jacob called her name and soothed her nervously.

He looked at the road ahead and back at Emily, who was in agony. His eyes were full of heartache, but at this moment, he could do nothing except to comfort her.

But Emily seemed not to have heard Jacob's words at all, and she was still screaming crazily.

The confined space inside the car seemed to have become her personal hell, and sitting in the car for even one more second was now like enduring some medieval torture table with pins and needles.

This carried on for a long time until finally, the firecrackers were burnt out, and Jacob suddenly noticed that the speeding cars behind them had vanished. Earlier, there had been several cars behind them.

Seeing this, Jacob felt even more certain that those cars behind him had triggered Emily's panic attack.

With his eyes turning bloodthirsty with rage, Jacob listened to Emily's screams. He didn't slow the car down but continued to drive along the road for quite a while. When he reached a turn-off, he headed in the opposite direction to their destination. All the cars behind them had now disappeared. He finally stopped the car and took Emily into his arms.

"Emily, don't be afraid. It's all over. We are all right now. I am here for you. Don't be afraid," he crooned to her.

Jacob held her and patted her back tenderly, trying to give her some comfort with his touch. But Emily was struggling wildly as if nowhere was safe for her at the moment. Her fears knew no limits and raged on despite Jacob's gentle ministrations.

Seeing this, Jacob knew he had to break her tension, so he raised his voice, shook her body, and said firmly, "Emily, don't be afraid. I am always by your side!"

It seemed that Emily now heard Jacob's voice. She looked up at him, an

rayal of their trust?

"Can you help my wife?" Jacob asked and added, "I will pay you ten million dollars as long as you can heal my wife's condition."

'What? Ten million dollars?' Tim Guo thought in shock at the large sum.

He almost fainted when he heard Jacob's offer. It was an astronomical figure to him. He could never have imagined earning such a fee.

All of a sudden, his face lit up with happiness and joy. He nodded enthusiastically and promised Jacob, "Mr. Gu, please rest assured. I'm confident that Mrs. Gu will recover soon."

Jacob nodded as he looked down at the sweating Emily, who was lying on the sofa, and his concern was evident. He knew that the truth of this matter could not be mentioned afterwards. Even if he hired another psychologist, he would hire several more people to verify their work at the same time, in case someone tried to pull a stunt like this again.

Soon, Tim Guo leaned over Emily and whispered something comforting in her ear with a soft and hypnotic voice. The atmosphere in the room was so gentle and kind that Emily felt soothed and gradually drifted into a deep sleep.

Outside the consulting room, Sam stood hesitantly behind Jacob. Both of them had been overwhelmed by surprise at Taylor's betrayal. Neither of them could accept it. Jacob did not know how Emily would feel once she found out that Taylor had been a hidden bomb planted right next to her after the events with Estelle!

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