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   Chapter 1299 Couldn't Be Pieced Together

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The thought angered Leah. She looked at her son and smirked. "I think you are obsessed with that woman!"

Sensing the tension in the air, Perrin swiftly stepped in, attempting to comfort both parties. Concerned, he glanced at Leah and then turned to Carlos. Patiently, he said, "Why don't you let Cherish explain what really happened? Let her tell you how she was deceived yesterday!"

All four of them went to sit on the sofa in the living room.

"Yesterday afternoon, while Carlos was out looking for a family doctor, Nora told me that she returned with Carlos because she was being threatened by a person in F Country. That person was a wanted criminal and was highly dangerous. He demanded that Nora prove his innocence. To force her to comply, he poisoned Carlos." Cherish no longer cared about the rest. She wanted to tell everyone the truth. Although she knew that Carlos would have wanted her to skip some parts, she decided to be completely honest instead for Leah's benefit.

Not surprisingly, at the mention of the word "poisoned," Leah screamed in a panic. "What did you say? He poisoned my son? What kind of poison did he use?"

Cherish didn't know how to answer. Stressed and pale-faced, she turned to look at Carlos, who was thinking about what she had just said. Upon hearing his mother screaming, he immediately furrowed his brows and barked, "Mom, don't make a fuss! It was just some pesky poison."

"Carlos! Did you just say that getting poisoned was pesky? Are you out of your mind?" Leah couldn't hold back her emotions. She sprang to her feet and pulled hard on Carlos's arm. "You need to get to the hospital now!" she said, gritting her teeth.

"Mom!" Carlos broke free of Leah's grip and forced a smile. "If the hospital could treat me, would Nora still be under this criminal's power?"

Leah froze. She seemed to have spaced out. Her voice was no longer loud, but it was clear that she was now even more worked up than before. After a few seconds, she found her voice again. With trembling shoulders, she said, "You mean there's no cure?"

How was this possible? Before Carlos went to F Country, he had been as fit as a fiddle. How come, upon his return, he was poisoned beyond cure? And all this for what? A filthy and despicable woman? Carlos was the only son of the Li Clan! Leah's eyes welled with tears.

Leah's resentment toward Nora grew. What had the Li Clan done to deserve this? What had they done to deserve such bad luck? What kind of person was Nora? Numerous questions filled Leah's head.

acceptable for him to be helping a criminal clear his name, let alone hurting other people's feelings.

The girl he had been fond of since college had been pure and innocent. What he had liked about her were her girlish charm and naive personality. Her sweetness had pulled him into her trap. However, things had suddenly taken a sharp turn. Now, he saw her filthy, disgusting behavior.

He used to think that even if Nora had done those things, she would have had her own reasons. She had been forced to do so. After all, things had had to be done for her to be able to continue peacefully living this life that she had chosen. The world was harsh and sometimes, people had to protect themselves by wearing masks. He had thought that as long as he could protect her, Nora would not resort to playing dirty tricks so she could live a good life.

All of a sudden, Carlos realized that he had been overthinking. The girl he had pictured in his head was definitely not the real Nora.

Suddenly, Carlos stood up from the sofa and uttered these words through gritted teeth, "I'm going to find her now."

"We'll go with you!" Cherish offered, standing by attentively.

Carlos only shook his head and said, "You can't. If you come with me, it could stir trouble. Don't worry, I'll find and retrieve the recorder for you within a few days."

Knowing what Nora had done, Carlos could not simply stand by and let this go on.

This time, she had really hurt him deeply. His heart was broken into a million pieces and could no longer be pieced together.

Seeing the determination in Carlos's eyes, Perrin held Cherish back and nodded solemnly. From one man to another, he had faith in him.

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