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   Chapter 1298 Target

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Once Xandria hung up the phone, the two approached her. Wearing a guilty look, Cherish lowered her head and vaguely mumbled, "I'm so sorry. This is all my fault."

Before she could finished her apology, Xandria quickly moved to her. She gently rested her hands on Cherish's shoulders and comforted her with a big smile. "Please don't say things like that. It's not your fault. We both know what Dina's capable of. As long as she resents me, which will be as long as she is still alive, she will not give up."

This was why Cherish liked Xandria so much. Even though she hadn't married into the Shen Family, Cherish still wanted to call her "sister-in-law."

Every time something happened to Xandria, she could always remain very calm and rational, and she was able to think and plan without becoming emotional. At the same time, she was always willing to listen to the opinions of others. Although they were not related, Cherish could still feel the love and care that Xandria had for her. She truly cared for Cherish as much as her own brother did for her. Cherish was very grateful for the tender love from her "sister-in-law." It made her feel warm and encouraged.

With all that being said, Cherish acknowledged the fact that she had been wrong this time. Realistically, she knew that it was not a problem that could be solved by a few simple words.

The scandal had spread all over the city now. They were now facing a heated public opinion battle. From the very beginning, they had been unable to block the news from leaking out. Therefore, they had been passive players from then.

Cherish finally raised her head and looked at Xandria. There was determination in her eyes as she said, "Sis, don't worry about me. It is my fault, after all. I'll handle it by myself."

Xandria nodded with appreciation. There was a vague glimmer of hope in her eyes. She patted Cherish on the shoulder and said, "Cherish, I know it's hard to solve this alone. But if it can be solved, that would be for the best. However, if it can't be fixed, you shouldn't worry too much about it. Just do your best–that is enough."

Her gentle words were like a magic spell that instilled power in Cherish's heart. She returned her a firm look, and her eyes sparkled with both confidence and courage.

With her family's backing, Cherish had strong support and didn't feel as if she was fighting alone. She nodded slowly but firmly.

Xandria then turned to Perrin and as

sion of the recording, edited the content, and made up a fake version of the recording." Perrin tried to explain the whole situation in plain words, "This incident has already brought great shame on the Shen Family. I think it's necessary to enlist Carlos to help us fix this."

After all, the Li Family and the Shen Family were about to be united by marriage. At this critical moment, if the reputation of the Shen Family was damaged, it wouldn't look good for anyone involved.

Before Leah could respond, Carlos came out from his room. He casually walked downstairs and protested, "I think you must have misunderstood something here."

The three of them turned their heads to look up at him. His tone of voice indicated clearly where he stood on this matter. They had already guessed at what Carlos was going to say.

The light of hope that had lingered in Cherish's eyes dimmed instantly. She swallowed hard. It seemed that Carlos had already made his choice. Now that something had happened between her and Nora, he was only willing to believe Nora.

Cherish just couldn't understand what kind of magic Nora possessed that could trick Carlos to fall in love with her so deeply. She was truly confused.

She had been willing to do anything for him. However, all her devotion now seemed in vain. Why couldn't she get any love from the man she loved?

On the other hand, Leah believed what Perrin and Cherish had said unconditionally. After all, she knew how ruthless Nora was. They wouldn't have come all the way to the Li Family in the early morning if they were not prepared in the first place. They just desired justice.

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