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   Chapter 1297 Face The Truth

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During this conversation, Dina was labelled as a woman who had been dumped because of love. Xandria was made out to be a villainous woman who would even seduce someone else's boyfriend to climb the ladder of success, while Perrin seemed to be a playboy who moved on to new things once he became tired of the old. Cherish appeared to be only focused on persuading her brother, and she ended up being ignored by everyone.

In this recording, the whole sordid issue seemed to have a clear structure. All the problems were heaped on Perrin and Xandria. Even Dina had done something wrong in the middle, but everyone who heard the recording believed her as "having been forced to do something bad."

If the news was true, it was possible that Xandria's reputation would be destroyed, and Dina would be proven innocent.

Perrin's face turned livid, and he said in a helpless tone, "Silly girl, you have been set up. In actual fact, you had been taped by someone with a recorder before you returned yesterday. Afterwards, that person copied our conversation, word for word, and then the person turned that into a new audio file. All this has happened now."

Cherish's eyes stretched wide open. She now realized that though this might seem like something out of a movie, it could happen in real life too.

So, the truth of it was... Were they caught in a clever trap by someone?

All of a sudden, Cherish thought of something. She looked up and asked anxiously, "Where is Xandria?"

Perrin sighed heavily. "After the news broke today, her crew were caught unprepared. Many of the paparazzi managed to sneak onto the film set. After thinking it over, the crew decided to stop the filming. I went to fetch her."

Hearing this, Cherish was relieved. But tears tumbled from her eyes willfully. "Brother, I'm sorry. It's all my fault. Because I didn't trust you, I was deceived by other people," she said.

Perrin was justifiably angered. But when he saw his beloved sister weeping bitterly, his heart melted. He sat down and patted Cherish's back, gently comforting her as he said, "It's all my fault. I didn't protect you well enough. You're young, innocent, and kind, and that's why you're upset."

Cherish felt like she was drowning in

only sensible thing for the director to do in cases like this was to change the actress temporarily.

Even though she knew that this opportunity was priceless, she didn't want to wait for the director to personally fire her. Besides, the director had helped her a lot, so she didn't want to cause more trouble for him.

Hearing the note of grief and helplessness in Xandria's trembling voice, an arrow of guilt flashed through Cherish's heart.

At first, the Shen Family hadn't wanted its daughter-in-law to be an actress. But to be an actress was Xandria's real passion, which she had set aside for a long time for Perrin. Previously, Perrin's father had finally agreed to allow Xandria to try an audition after suffering a lot of arguing with Perrin and Cherish. But Xandria only had one chance. If she was really not successful at entering the entertainment circle, then she could not blame anyone else.

Cherish had believed that if Xandria was successfully chosen, then everything would be okay. But she hadn't expected that this process could be so complex. Moreover, it was highly possible that Xandria would never have the chance to realize her dream now.

'This is all because of what happened between me and Nora. It is all because of me, because I fell into Nora's trap. I made my sister-in-law lose the chance to realize her dream, ' Cherish thought bitterly.

Perrin looked at his sister's guilty expression and caressed her hair, signaling for her not to feel guilty.

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