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   Chapter 1295 Getting What She Wants

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7212

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Squinting at her, Carlos flashed a warning look at Cherish before he walked out and closed the door.

As a matter of fact, Nora had already guessed at the result of her question from Cherish's expression and tone.

But before she would admit to anything, she waited for Cherish to initiate the exchange.

As expected, no sooner had the door closed than Cherish couldn't help but say, "Nora, did you lie to me? Just minutes ago, I went and asked my brother. He didn't do anything to slander someone else or put him into jail. Tell me, why are you trying to sow seeds of discord between me and my brother?"

Hearing this, Nora wore a carefully crafted expression of being instantly aggrieved. "Sow discord? What on earth are you talking about? I'm not trying to cause dissent between your family members. I know you are very close to each other. I'm not stupid enough to try and create strife between you and your brother. What would be the point of doing that without a firm base?" she asked in a highly offended tone.

Actually, Nora was just making excuses. She had been carefully prepared before she had spoken to Cherish earlier.

If Cherish had listened to her and was suspicious of Perrin because of it, then she would not only have achieved her purpose, but also gotten exactly what she wanted.

If, however, Cherish just came back after confronting her brother, then Nora's goal could still be achieved, but she would get nothing more.

Either way, she would achieve her end game, so whatever she did was worth any risks.

Cherish looked cautiously at Nora and said, "If you didn't seek to drive a wedge between me and my brother, why then smear his name?"

"Truthfully, I told you that the only reason why I am still with Carlos is to help him find the antidote," Nora said as she artfully donned an expression of pity and unwillingness that gradually filled her face. "But in the end, I won't be able to stay with him at all. It's because you are the woman that the Li Family has chosen for him to spend the rest of his life with. As for you, since your elder brother is the most important person in your life, I really wanted to know

be your daughter-in-law in this life, it would be a fortune that I have been born with," she said with a smile.

As she said this, something seemed to occur to her. She sniffed and added, "But, even if I can't one day be your daughter-in-law, I am willing to take care of you like my most beloved aunt. I will respect you as my mother."

'What a good girl! Why can't my son love her?' Leah thought.

Hearing her sincere words, Leah understood immediately. She comforted her, "I promise you, Cherish, you'll be my daughter-in-law for the rest of your life. Carlos stayed with that woman the whole day. However, he has taken her away. He will come back soon after sending her off. You two can have a good chat tonight. Maybe..."

"Auntie, I know, but it doesn't matter. We should take these things slowly. Besides, I don't think he wants to see me today. I should go home now. I will come tomorrow. Or maybe another day!" she said.

Although she did not know whether what Nora had said was the truth or not, she knew that it was impossible for her to decide to break off all relations with Carlos.

But today, Carlos had been reconciled with Nora, and she believed that he would never want to leave her now. Therefore, the only option for Cherish now was to return home by herself and give Carlos time to deal with his issues on his own.

Finally, Leah failed to convince Cherish. So she had to ask someone to drive her home.

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