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   Chapter 1291 Please Give Me A Chance

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Although Cherish looked calm while speaking to Carlos, she felt very sad in her heart. Though trying to keep her calm, she lowered her voice, which was filled with sorrow, and she couldn't help begging, "Carlos, I've never felt this way about anyone in my life. No matter whether there is a hope for us to be together or not, please, can you just give me a chance? Just let me stay with you. If by next month, you still have not developed any feelings for me, then before our engagement, I will leave you of my own volition.

Carlos, I don't care about the end result. I only want to lead a peaceful life with you, a life without any regrets. Let's give it a shot, and you don't have to do anything to please me, okay?" Now, her face was soaked with tears, and she looked rather pathetic.

A trace of pity crept into Carlos's eyes. Without a doubt, he was touched upon hearing these sentimental words from Cherish's mouth, making it impossible for him to refuse her.

Finally, Carlos mutely reached out and wiped the tears off her face. Then, he nodded in agreement.

Cherish stopped crying soon after he had wiped her tears, as if his hand was magic. Afterwards, she forced a smile and said, "Try my breakfast, okay? I'm sure that you will love it."

A wonderful and quiet morning that should have been spent enjoyably by everyone was suddenly disrupted. The tender moment was ruined after Carlos switched on his mobile phone, which had been fully charged.

Cherish witnessed Carlos's smile being replaced by a sullen face when the phone screen lit up.

She moved closer to him and asked in a concerned voice, "Carlos, did something happen?"

But Carlos didn't reply. He seemed to be lost in his own thoughts. All of a sudden, he strode from the room without even casting a look at Cherish as if he had become determined to do something.

Before she could blink, Cherish was faced by his retreating back as he rushed from the room.

A doleful look appeared on her face. She had a hunch that Carlos's sudden reaction must have something to do with the person who filled his heart. Although she didn't know who this woman was that he loved so much, she admired her greatly because she could easily provoke Carlos's emotions where Cherish could not.

Carlos had disappeared from sight in a minute. It suddenly occurred to Cherish that if she didn't do something right now, she would lose the man she loved.

She bit her lips, and without considering the consequenc

by Cherish, Leah reluctantly agreed to let Nora stay under her roof, but she only allowed Nora to stay in their home for one day.

Even so, Carlos was still grateful and even continued to thank Cherish over and over again. She waved her hand as if it was nothing to mention in response to Carlos, but deep in her heart, she was weeping bitterly.

Even though Carlos was a man, he showed such care in his attentive ministrations to Nora. Cherish could only offer him a little help, but her eyes were filled with admiration for Nora, despite her being the other woman.

Not wanting to intrude and feeling somewhat awkward by the situation, Cherish chose to stay outside the door and simply wait, in case Carlos asked for her help.

For a few moments, she felt utterly wronged. She had believed that like her, Carlos had fallen for someone who didn't love him back. But now, it had turned out that her guess had been very far off the mark.

Cherish had now discovered that Carlos and Nora loved each other deeply. It turned out that Cherish had been a shameless mistress and cheap substitute.

It was strange how painful a moment of revelation could be, and Cherish mourned quietly as she knew that she didn't have a chance with Carlos. She realized that all of her efforts had been futile, and she had been wasting her time as she had tried so desperately to win his heart.

Cherish reached up with her hand and wiped the tears that had sprung like melting snow from her eyes to spill over her cheeks.

She decided in that moment that she had to give up on Carlos and formally say goodbye to him after the sickly girl on the bed recovered.

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