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   Chapter 1286 Who Are... Cherish!

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7575

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"Cherish, watch your step!"

The man frowned. He kept a careful watch over Cherish, who was walking at full speed. It appeared that he was afraid she would trip or fall again. Even though she wasn't strutting in her high heels today, he was still worried.

He had black hair, with bangs down to his forehead, which half-covered his eyes. With such a handsome face, he was as good-looking as most of the other popular actors. He was wearing casual clothes in a deep shade of grey. Apparently, he hadn't taken the time to dress up, but he still looked perfect and cut a striking figure.

"Hi, Cherish! Here you are! Take a seat, please!" As soon as Leah set eyes on Cherish, she greeted her enthusiastically. However, when she saw Perrin, the smile on her face widened even more, and she said in delight, "Perrin, please have a seat!"

While speaking, she couldn't help looking at Perrin repeatedly. 'Perrin is so handsome. If I had a daughter, he would be the best son-in-law and be right at the top of my picking list.'

Leah had always had a good impression of both Cherish and Perrin. With a smile, she turned to the maid and ordered, "We have two very welcome guests today! Bring some tea and fruits for them."

However, Cherish wasn't in the mood to sit down and chat with Leah. Her visit to the Li Family's villa today was only because of Carlos. As soon as she had heard that something had happened to Carlos, she had rushed from her house and come here without thinking. Since she couldn't drive a car, she had asked Perrin, who happened to be free today, to be her driver.

Before Cherish could reply, Perrin said, "Auntie, as soon as my sister heard that something had happened to Carlos, she dragged me here at great speed. I shouldn't have come to your home in such a casual suit, but truly, I had no time to change before we left home. I hope you are not offended by my casual attire."

"Oh, don't say that. You and Cherish are about to become part of our family, after all. You don't need to be so formal." Looking at the sensible brother and sister, Leah almost laughed aloud.

Perrin considered Leah's happy face, and he wondered what had happened to Carlos. He said with a puzzled face, "Well, my sister was so worried that she would not

, she became even more worried. After all, Carlos had earlier told her that he wanted to prepare a surprise for his father. She understood that he must have felt a failure when his plan hit the fan. If that was really the reason, it was quite understandable that Carlos would feel depressed for a short while.

She put her ear close to the door to listen, but to no avail. Though the room beyond the door wasn't quiet, she leaned even closer to listen better. To her surprise, the door suddenly opened. As a result, she lost her balance and fell forward because of inertia. She closed her eyes, preparing for what promised to be a terrible fall. However, the result was her bumping into a strong chest that exuded a delicate fragrance, and not her falling to the floor.

Cherish had been scared of hitting the floor as she lost her balance. But as her lips formed a muted scream, she raised her head and looked up to see a man standing in front of her.

Carlos had just come out from the bathroom after taking a shower, and he had been about to dry his hair. Water still dripped from his hair, and his sculpted face was hidden in the chiaroscuro effects of the lights and shadows. He was like a shimmering pearl that no one could take their eyes off. How amazing!

At first, he thought that a servant was knocking at the door, but unexpectedly, as soon as the door was opened, someone tumbled into his arms. When he saw the person falling forward, his eyes flashed with surprise.

"Who are… Cherish?!"

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