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   Chapter 1283 Good News

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Emily spat gargled water in the basin. "I've heard of this kind of therapy." She wiped the water off her mouth. "It is known for curing depression, and I think it will help me recuperate as well."

Her words made Jacob upset. He took hold of her hands and squeezed them gently. "Do you think it works?"

"I don't think those reviews are fake." Emily presented him a smile. "You see, my health has always been a downer, but I'm feeling very positive about this method of therapy."

Jacob cast a gentle glance at her. "Honey, you don't have to treat yourself this way." His hand reached out to caress her cheek. "I will find someone to cure you. Just don't push yourself. You'll be fine down the line."

Still, his heart was flooded with doubts. The disease had been troubling her for such a long time. Even the well-known psychologist, Taylor, wasn't able to cure her. Clear as day, it was hard for Emily to recover, but giving up wasn't an option.

"Jacob, I'm hungry." Emily gave him a childish look that snapped him out of his thoughts.

She didn't want Jacob to think about it anymore. They were supposed to have a wonderful day, but if they kept dwelling on the topic of her health, it would ruin everything. Emily hoped to distract Jacob before he could get even more depressed. She gave him a charming smile at the thought, pleading in her heart only for Jacob to fall for her trick.

Did she think Jacob wasn't aware of what she was trying to do? He could see that her lips were pressed to present him a fake smile. His heart melted like cream. Later that day, he took Emily to a Disneyland restaurant to eat something. Within an hour, they were already sitting in front of each other, flipping through the menu. Emily's eyes slipped past every food item, but she couldn't decide which one they should order.

Jacob cast a curious glance at her and raised his eyebrows. If Emily couldn't find one thing she loved, he should probably take charge of it. "Please serve all the dishes here." He pointed his fingers at the menu.

The waiter nearby furrowed his eyebrows and glanced back at the couple. Had he heard that correctly? At first, he was confused, but when Jacob ordered again, the waiter's mouth fell ajar in shock. They had multiple varieties of dishes, and if the couple were to order all the dishes, they would surely get a stomachache the next day. The two of them couldn't finish them all in a go!

Not only the waiter, but Emily was also too surprised to talk. She came back to her senses, waving her hands at the waiter. "No, no, no. Don't listen to him."

She glared at Jacob before returning her sharp gaze to the menu. "I want this one." She hastily pointed at one of the dishes. "And get this one too, and…" Her eyes brightened after seeing one dish at the end of the page. "Yes! This one. That's all."

Jacob shook his head and continued to gaze at the menu like it was a tasty dessert. When the waiter was away from hearing distance, he raised his head only to cast a squinted glance at her. "You… You didn't have to raise your voice like that! The waiter would laugh at me, thinking I'm afraid of my wife."

lips, and his heart raced. He wanted to grab her arms and rush to some corner where no one could see them. Apparently, Emily's heart was also beating ferociously. She didn't even think about finding some corner and leaned in, only to be stopped by Jacob. He gently put his hands on her soft and wet lips. "Let's continue after returning to our hotel room."

He was on the limit of his desire. If they were to spend more time beneath the dark sky surrounded by trees, he wouldn't be able to take it. Her innocent looks and fragrance were making him go crazy.

When Emily and Jacob returned to the hotel, they didn't waste a minute. They instantly embraced each other passionately and rolled on the sheets the whole night.

The next day when Emily opened her eyes, she saw a busy Jacob with furrowed eyebrows. His eyes were glued to some documents on the table. She cast a curious gaze at him and threw her clothes onto her naked body. Emily wanted to know what Jacob had been doing that was making him frown like that. She poured a glass of water for him. Emily knew how Jacob would forget to drink water while working. She shook her head only to walk behind him. Slowly, she wrapped her arms around his neck. "Jacob, are you tired? Is it the company you're worried about?"

Both the corners of Jacob's lips quirked up, and he pulled her onto his lap. His mouth touched the surface of her ears, and he gave her a kiss that echoed in her ears. "Since you're here, you can rest for a few days. This time, we have good news."

"Good news?" Emily raised her eyebrows.

She knew that the products that had been launched by Love and Dream had become famous instantly. They were well-received by many customers, and the company's traitors had been dismissed one after another. At the same time, there were more elites in the company. That was excellent news for them. But she had known this piece of news for a long time. Jacob couldn't focus his attention on some news that had been known by the public for a long time. She was sure that this wasn't the news that Jacob was going to share with her.

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