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   Chapter 1281 A New Decision

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At that moment, Nora knew what Dina wanted to tell her.

There was no doubt that Dina was going to say something heartbreaking. She was going to tell Nora the real reason why Carlos had not wanted her to proceed. It was not because he had not wanted Nora to get her hands dirty. In the end, it was because he liked Cherish, so he had to protect her and the Shen family. Because of this, he had stopped Nora.

This all made sense, but Nora didn't want to believe a word of it. She had given Carlos all her love, trust, and beauty. She couldn't imagine how she would face the world if all her suspicions were correct.

If this was the case, her only light in this dark world would flicker and die out. Her only remaining hope would disappear. She would have to go back to living like a walking and breathing corpse. She did not wish to go back to that miserable and hopeless kind of life, but reality seemed to always force her toward that direction.

"Nora, as a woman, I understand how you're feeling, and I sympathize with you," Dina said. Her tone was full of pity, and she regarded Nora with a sorry look in her eyes. "You love him with all your heart. How much have you done for him? But he paid you back by treating you like this. My heart breaks for you," Dina added with a sigh.

Then she looked away and said, "If I were you, I would focus my energy on other things. I suggest that you lend me a hand in controlling the damage that all these issues surrounding me have caused. In return, when I have recovered and have gotten back on top, it will be your turn to exact revenge on that shameless couple."

Dina's purpose was quite clear. She wanted Nora to be useful to her.

Ever since Nora had promised to work with her, Dina had always had a feeling of unease. She had never liked fighting battles that she wasn't sure if she could win. Since that beginning, she had always felt uncomfortable that she had nothing that she could use against Nora in case she needed it. Therefore, while Nora had been busy with the investigation that she was tasked with, Dina had not simply lay back and relaxed. She had hired people to follow Carlos and Nora around. The whole time, she had kept a watchful eye on the

ble to hold back. She took out her phone and dialed the number that she was familiar with the most. She was greeted with an automated response. "Sorry, the number you have dialed has powered off. Please try again later," the voice on the other line said.

Nora's heart was growing a little cold, but she remained hopeful. She believed that Carlos would not lie to her. There were some things he hadn't told her, but he had only done that because he hadn't wanted her to worry.

And she had already found a way to work with Dina in secret.

It no longer mattered whether Carlos was still in love with Nora or not. There was no doubt that she loved him.

If he no longer loved her, she would still do her best to get her hands on the antidote and help him recover. Then she would leave him.

The sad thing was that even if he still loved her, and continued to love her forever, their story would probably end the same way.

They had made mistakes in the beginning. Now, the past couldn't be rewritten. They couldn't be with each other anymore.

No matter how much she paid and how much effort they put into this relationship, it was doomed to end.

Even if they only had very little time left to be with each other, she still wanted to enjoy this warmth again. She didn't want anyone else to step in. There were only two of them in this world.

Around her, Nora felt the scent and sensation of love. She wanted to immerse herself in this feeling and never wake up.

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