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   Chapter 1279 Back To Her Senses

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9150

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Carlos had left. Nora cried the whole night and fell asleep with her cheeks sticky from her dried-up tears.

As she slept, she had a long and unsettling dream. It began with her standing along a lonely and endless road. There wasn't a single lamp to show her the way. All of a sudden, a warm yellow beam of light shone down on her from the sky above. Although nothing illuminated the path, the beam of light helped her see the way and enabled her to move forward.

The whole thing terrified her. She crossed her arms tightly in front of her body and hurried along. Suddenly, she noticed that no matter how fast she walked, the road did not seem to end. She was beginning to lose all hope.

At one point, she stopped. Mustering all her courage, she turned around and looked beyond where she had started. There was, in fact, no one else on the road except for her. Her eyes welled up with tears, and she blinked hard in an attempt to get rid of the negative things she was feeling. It always seemed to be this way; she was always left alone. She had no one for support, and no one was willing to be there for her.

Suddenly, a familiar face flashed in her mind, and a voice cried out loudly and clearly, "No!" She refused to accept the truth. Things couldn't be as hard as they seemed to be. Somewhere out there, there was still someone willing to do everything for her. He would not be afraid of the passage of time or the distance between them. He would show her incredible strength and bring her hope. With his actions, he would reassure her and bring her out of her own endless nightmares.

The thought renewed her strength. She murmured, hoping to call back to her the man whom she loved, "Carlos, where are you? Where are you now? I can't see you. I'm so scared!"

Nora was terrified. How she wished that the person who had always saved her from danger and had always given her hope and warmth was by her side right now. She missed him greatly.

The dream seemed to have no end. As Nora struggled to picture his return, she suddenly lost her balance and fell, but she did not hit the ground. Petrified and unprepared, she found herself suddenly plummeting for the longest time into an abyss. At last, she landed somewhere strange. She broke into a sweat even as the freezing cold enveloped her, and she struggled to steady her breathing. Nora tried with all her might to open her eyes, and when she finally succeeded, she found herself floating in the middle of an ocean. The gigantic waves and the large expanse of water reminded her of the Black Sea.

The water was so deep and she was so off-course that there was no sight of land, floating wood, or passing boats anywhere she looked. She was certain that it wouldn't be l

il the very end, she still wanted to enjoy the tenderness that he might provide in their short time together.

At six o'clock in the evening, Nora arrived at Left Bank Cafe. Dina was already sitting inside. Since she had no work today, her outfit was casual and laid-back. Her beaming complexion made her look captivating.

When she spotted Nora by the entrance, she waved at her. It was only when Nora sat down and took her sunglasses off that Dina realized that something was wrong. She could tell that Nora had been crying hard recently. Her eyes were horribly swollen. Nevertheless, Dina chose to mind her own business. She knew that there was literally no need to poke her nose in other people's lives. She opened her mouth and broke the silence. "You don't look so good. Has your investigation been taking too much of your energy recently?"

Nora lowered her eyes and hesitated for a while. Then she looked straight into Dina's eyes and said, "I asked to meet today to talk about the issues we've had between us. I won't be helping you anymore. I don't wish to do it again. In the same way, I don't expect you to help me anymore. As long as you don't cause trouble, we're good. As for Darren, you should confront him yourself."

When Dina heard these words, the expression on her face suddenly changed. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped. Stunned, she stared at Nora. She had never thought that the person who had helped her just the day before would come to her and reject her the next day! She simply couldn't believe that Nora would go back on her words the way she was doing now. However, Nora had spoken with an air of finality, indicating that there was no longer any chance of talking things through with her. She was merely and abruptly informing Dina of a decision that was, by all indications, final.

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