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   Chapter 1276 Taste Of Happiness

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7072

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While screaming out in pain, Carlos couldn't bear it anymore, so he squatted down. Seeing this, Nora was taken aback by his sudden collapse. She hadn't expected that the poison would start affecting Carlos at this very moment.

"Carlos, what's wrong with you? Are you okay, Carlos?"

Nora suddenly felt nervous. Except for these useless words, she really didn't know what else she could do for him.

She rushed over and tried to support Carlos, who was crumpled over. With difficulty, she helped him put his arm around her shoulder and half-dragged him to the bedroom. Then, she helped him stagger onto the bed.

"Carlos, I..." Anxiety led to a storm of tears down her cheeks. Nora kept rubbing Carlos's back to console him. "What should I do for you?"

However, none of Nora's efforts worked to ease Carlos's pain even a bit. Still clutching at his head in agony, he kept roaring. Grasping his hair while contorting in torment, he had all but ripped chunks of his thick black hair out. His face had become pale, and two minutes later, it was covered with a sheen of thick beading sweat.

Looking at Carlos who was curled up in pain, Nora could do nothing to stop her weeping. She even wished that she could trade places with him to bear the pain for him. When she opened her trembling lips, she kept crying and choked on her words. "I'm sorry, Carlos. It's all because of me that you have to suffer like this. I... I'm sorry. I'll find the antidote! I'm sorry..."

While Nora was still apologizing, she suddenly felt her left hand being gripped by Carlos. His palm was already sweat-soaked and clammy. It even dampened her hand, making her feel even more distressed.

From his convulsive body movements, Nora could see how much pain he felt now. But if it hadn't been for her, and if he hadn't met her in F Country, all of this would not have happened, and he would not have suffered such agony at this moment.

However, Carlos's hand still held hers tightly. He gripped her more and more tightly as he saw her distress. She glanced at his hand subconsciously and then looked at Carlos's face. She found

ould always be his, and they could spend such wonderful times as this together forever. If all this could be true, he would willingly suffer some pain.

However, as soon as Carlos thought of his future with Nora, he knew that the road to them being together still held many hardships. He had planned to live a peaceful life with Nora, but once they had been implicated in the matters of Darren and Jacob, it had become impossible for them to live a peaceful life.

For the time being, his hopes were not only comforting Nora, but also himself.

Very soon, there was some noise in the kitchen. The aroma of the food being prepared started wafting from the kitchen through the whole room before reaching Carlos's nose.

All of a sudden, he felt as if all his worries were expelled by the scent of fresh food. He even managed to calm himself down and stopped thinking too much.

Listening to the bustling sounds in the kitchen and savoring the scent of the appetizing food, Carlos felt extremely happy. It was the happiness of a family and the taste of love, which he had never experienced before.

Finally, Carlos got out of bed and was limping over to look at the pretty woman who was busy cooking inside the kitchen. However, he was suddenly distracted by some content flashing on his laptop which sat on the nearby desk.

The moment he leaned over and saw the content, his eyes widened in shock.

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