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   Chapter 1275 See The Beloved

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Carlos's lips pressed together to give an awkward smile. Before he could let himself be more embarrassed, he instantly nodded. "I don't want my father to know yet, so I hope you can keep it a secret. I'll leave later. If my parents call and ask you where I am, just tell them I'm with you."

Cherish smiled, but there was a frown on her forehead as if she was fully immersed in what Carlos was saying. Not a single thread of doubt entered her mind. She nodded and promised to him while patting on her chest. "Don't worry! Please rest assured! It's a good thing. I'll keep it a secret for you!"

Her innocent gaze, which was filled with admiration and immense trust, was fixated on his face. This was what people called love. If someone fell in love with a person, he or she would act like a puppet with no personal thoughts. That person would regard their lover as the only thing in the world. Without a doubt, such an individual would unconditionally follow the orders of their beloved.

Such kinds of obsessive love could make one blind enough to ignore everything around, even the idea of the self. They would even overlook how they had suffered in the past.

When Carlos saw Cherish's bright eyes, a flush of guilt washed over his face. He really felt a little sorry for her, but for the time being, he had no other choice. He could only think about how to explain this situation to his family as soon as possible, and he had to try his best to protect Cherish.

He knew how hard he had fallen in love, and how much his actions would hurt this girl.

Carlos even hoped that Cherish was an impulsive person. Deep in his heart, he wanted Cherish to get used to loving anyone on impulse. In this way, even if he ended up creating a tormenting tornado within her heart, she should be able to forget him after calming down only to find someone else.

He just smiled at her, hiding his guilt well enough, and left. Cherish concealed everything from Leah, and leaked nothing about Carlos.

Nora had been immersed in her work, and when she heard footsteps, she turned toward the door, only to gasp in surprise. Was she dreaming? Nora lightly pinched her arms, but Carlos was still standing at the door, smiling sweetly at her. She really wasn't dreaming! Ever since the Li Family's villa incident when Nora had returned from F Country, she had not seen Ca

Trust me."

Carlos thought of Cherish and his frown deepened. He wanted to tell Nora about it, but he hesitated. After thinking for a moment, he made his decision. Since things hadn't gone out of his control, he would not tell Nora about it, or else she would be even more worried.

Nora bit her lips and looked at him. She thought that he was just trying to appease her so that she wouldn't be worried anymore. In fact, she was still not convinced that they would be able to live together for a long time. Still, Nora had no choice but to agree with him at the moment. "I believe you."

Even though Nora had already been preparing herself for the day when she would leave him, she felt relieved after hearing Carlos's words. It was as if some part of her heart subconsciously wanted to believe him. It was not until then that she asked him about his health condition. After all, he hadn't been detoxified yet. "Well, how... How have you been lately?"

Every time Nora asked Carlos about his health condition, she felt very remorseful and guilty. If it had not been for her, Carlos would not have been poisoned. At the present moment, it was useless for her to regret.

Carlos knew what she was worried about, and he caressed the soft surface of her cheeks. "Don't worry. I didn't feel anything abnormal lately... Ouch..." He flinched out of the blue, making Nora frown.

Carlos felt a sharp pain in his head all of a sudden. He felt like thousands of ants were biting his brain, but he was not able to drive them away. Carlos could not help but cry out in pain.

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