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   Chapter 1272 Refuse

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Taylor was in doubt, but she chose not to question him. It was Louis's personal matter, and she had no need or obligation to say anything.

She remembered that Louis already had a fiancée. The thought itself made her heart cold. Why should she offer to be his confidant?

Taylor knew well about the habits of those young ladies from wealthy families. If she was not careful, she would get herself into trouble.

At this time, Taylor didn't want anything to do with Louis. She didn't want to get involved in anything about it. She just wanted to be a psychologist and Amy's mother.

Therefore, no matter how curious she was, she would not ask about it.

Taylor nodded and turned her head to the other side.

Louis was dumbfounded when he observed Taylor's reaction. He had just seen the surprised look on Taylor's face. He had thought she would ask him about it, but she only stayed silent and didn't even look at him. It was as if she had turned herself into a colder person who didn't care about anything else.

'This woman…she said she didn't hide away from me, but now, she has already started to avoid me to this extent?'

Louis's face was gloomy after he thought of this. He wanted to open his heart to her, but she seemed to have no interest in it at all.

He pursed his lips. A thought flashed in his head, and he opened his mouth. He wanted to say it even if Taylor wasn't willing to ask. "Taylor, in fact..."

Before he could say anything, Taylor interrupted him. "Mr. Ke, I think Scott's condition has almost stabilized. I'll hand over the subsequent matters to Skye. If there's nothing else, I'll leave first."

Taylor turned around and was about to leave when a voice halted her steps. "Why don't you stay here for dinner?"

Taylor stopped involuntarily and turned around. She was a little curious and tempted by Louis's suggestion. If it was the old Taylor, she definitely would have agreed. This Taylor was different. She cast a cold glance at him and turned to look into his eyes. "No, I can't. I think at this moment, you should take care of your fiancée who was left alone, Mr. Ke."

Louis's expressions changed when he heard that. He knew that Taylor was serious about what had happened between him and Janet. Taylor was also thinking ab

nd asked for a leave. She hasn't been to school for a long time. I want to say that if you have any problem, you can come to me at any time. I can find the best doctor in Jingshi City."

He instantly thought of the words he wanted to say but couldn't, and his face went red. "It seems an excellent choice to use my connections to cover the expensive medical expenses for you, Dr. Tang!"

Taylor became genuinely depressed after hearing that name. Maybe Louis could find her the best doctor, but even a specialist wouldn't be able to treat Amy.

At that time, Taylor didn't say anything else to Louis. She was afraid that if she dared to, she would let go of her stiff face. She simply nodded and thanked him, only to leave without hesitation.

The driver took her out only to be stopped by Taylor. Even though the driver told her time and again that he could drive her anywhere and that it was not easy to get a taxi here, Taylor insisted on getting out of the car to have a walk alone. The driver had no choice but to let her go. This time, the driver understood even though Taylor silently gazed at him.

The wind at night was chilling, and it was late autumn after all, but Taylor did not feel cold. Nothing other than her heart could be more frigid.

Ever since Amy had been diagnosed with that disease, Taylor always felt like she was in an abyss where light could never be seen. No matter how she struggled, she was helpless as if she was a fish out of water struggling for every breath in the air.

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