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   Chapter 1271 Louis Was Adopted Once

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7118

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"Scott, calm down. Don't be afraid. You are not alone. Here I am," Louis said in a gentle and soothing voice.

Such was his voice, that it seemed to have the power to make everything better and restore calmness, but it failed in calming Scott down.

It was the first time that Louis had experienced a situation this severe. In the past, Louis merely had to be around, and Scott would soon become quiet. However, this time, he failed to smooth Scott's frazzled nerves, and he could not offer him any relief either despite his efforts.

Scott's behavior today was rather extreme.

Louis was taken aback by this, but he still continued trying again and again to set Scott's mind at ease. "Scott, I'm here. Let's calm down first, okay? There is nothing to fret about. You are safe, as I am here, and I'll protect you. I will stay here with you all day long!"

Every time Louis spoke these words to Scott, Scott would calm down at once. But today, even with these words of comfort, Scott still didn't feel at ease. He kept smashing everything around him and screaming like a caged beast. Even his face turned red in his crazed state.

Taylor realized that the situation was much worse than before. It seemed that even Louis's coaxing wouldn't work. While Louis was still trying to talk Scott down, Taylor murmured to the two bodyguards, "Please control him and get him to sit on the sofa."

Hearing her instructions, Louis turned back and looked at her with both confusion and worry in his eyes. But considering Taylor's authority in matters of the mind as well as her care and love for Scott, he finally agreed with a nod to the two bodyguards.

Therefore, in the blink of an eye, Scott was subdued and pressed down on the sofa by the burly bodyguards, despite his continued struggling and resistance.

Then, she took out the silver watch she had used to treat Scott the first day she had met him and dangled it in front of him. As the watch started gently swinging from side to side, Scott slowly ceased struggling, and his face became blank.

Louis was mystified. He keenly observed the watch swinging from Taylor's

to tell her about it or not.

A thought suddenly struck Taylor as she heard Louis's question. How could she possibly not be curious? But either way, it was Louis and Scott's private matter. She wouldn't ask about it unless Louis was willing to share that with her.

Then Taylor smiled and said, "You don't have to tell me if you don't feel comfortable doing so."

It seemed that Louis hadn't expected her reply. Although he knew what she had meant, he still said subconsciously, "In fact, Scott's parents are also my adoptive parents."

Louis didn't really know why, but he had always had the habit of keeping everything in his heart and not letting others get close. But every time he faced this woman, he would always feel an unfamiliar freedom and the urge to bare his heart to her. He even nursed a secret desire that she would take the initiative to ask him about it and perhaps even understand him.

However, Taylor never asked him about his life.

Louis's revelation had caught Taylor by surprise. Wasn't Louis the only son of the Ke Family? He was supposed to be related to the Ke Family by blood. How could Scott's parents be his foster parents then?

Everyone in the Ke Family knew that Louis was the only living child of the Ke Family. It was not until they had found Emily that the Ke Family had a living daughter too. However, no one had ever even heard a whisper that Louis had been adopted.

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