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   Chapter 1270 Appeasement

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Louis had to control the urge of rolling his eyes at Janet, who would usually stay as far away as possible from Louis. She had never talked to him in such a tone. It was so abnormal for Janet to behave like that. He narrowed his eyes at her only to search her face. He wanted to know the reason behind her weirdness. Janet had always stayed calm and composed. He couldn't believe that Janet had treated him that way in the presence of several people around him. She didn't even care if Taylor had heard their conversation or not.

Louis's face turned green. He looked at Taylor's white face, and his heart shook subconsciously. He instantly pulled his hand back, and was about to say something when his phone rang.

Louis reluctantly picked up the call without even giving a glance at the screen, and his face instantly darkened when he heard the voice. He looked straight at Taylor. "Come with me."

His face was red because of embarrassment and shame before the call, but when Taylor looked at him again, his eyes were sharp, and there wasn't a trace of shyness on him. Louis's tone seemed to tell that they had to deal with an urgent matter. Even Janet, who had just been teasing Louis, put on a stern face. In a flash, Taylor guessed that something must have happened to Scott.

Taylor opened her mouth to say something, but when she observed the curious faces of the people around her, she reluctantly closed her lips only to follow Louis silently. Louis, on the other hand, didn't even look at her the whole time.

It was not until they got into the car that Louis turned toward Taylor only to look at her seriously. "It was Skye Sun, who said that Scott had a relapse. Now, he has started to make a scene at home."

Taylor knew Skye Sun very well. The latter had been taking care of Scott at the Luxury Manor for a while. Under Taylor's direct supervision, Scott had started to feel better. His physical condition had also improved a lot. At this time, Taylor couldn't help but wonder what exactly had happened to Scott to suddenly have an episode.

A deep frown made its way to her forehead. The case was similar to that of Emily. Thinking of Emily, a flush of guilt flashed on her face. It was because of that that Taylor had made it her ultimate goal to take proper care of Scott. She had focused most of her attention on this patient since the first time she had admitted him. She had used the best treatment and medicine for Scott. Usually, when the patient was getting mentally stable, relapse would be impossible as long as the patient was not emotionally disturbed. That was what confused Taylor the most. She wanted to know the reason behind the sudden relapse of Scott.

"Did something happen that emotionally affected his mood?" Taylor's face was filled with confusion, and she ended up speaking her heart, puzzled with the query.

The longer they stalled for time, the faster Scott would lose his sense of security. It had taken them multiple efforts to develop it, and thus, they had no time to analyze the situation. Both Louis and Taylor exchanged looks and dashed upstairs.

When they opened the door, a vase flew directly towards them. Taylor was shocked, but she couldn't dodge on time. She could only look at the vase that came at her at full speed. Her wide eyes stared at it, and she couldn't find a way to deal with the situation. Taylor was sure to have a head injury today. She shut her eyes and braced for impact. Taylor had expected it to hit her head a second later, but when she didn't feel anything even after a moment, she frowned. Her eyes opened only to find Louis's right arm blocking the attack. By the time Taylor came back to her senses, the vase had already fallen on the ground.

She raised her head and gazed at Louis, who didn't say a word. She could see a faint trace of something wet sticking to his shirt and she gasped. Was the hit so strong that his hand had started bleeding? Of course, it should be. Scott had thrown the vase using the highest strength out of rage.

The two bodyguards standing beside Scott were frightened to the bones after seeing the scene before their eyes. They didn't heave a sigh of relief until they noticed that no person was severely injured. Louis's hand only had a small trace of blood that could be bandaged quickly. They had been ordered to protect Scott, so they couldn't take any action against him before receiving any special order. They could only defend themselves against Scott.

Louis rushed at Scott, who stood in the middle of the room. His eyes were red, and Louis could even see veins popping out of his forehead. Louis wanted to approach Scott. Just as Louis took a step toward Scott, the latter shoved his hands away only to stare at the man in rage.

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