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   Chapter 1263 Embarrassed

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When Estelle heard these words, her face flushed a livid red. In addition to Ethan, Estelle also remembered her confidence on the day that she had fled from Ethan's base. However, only less than a week later, she had had to rely on him to save her again.

It seemed that she had overestimated herself.

But on second thought, if not for Ethan, she wouldn't have known Bill. How had such a thing happened?

And so, in hindsight, it was Ethan's fault that she had been put in trouble. Therefore, Estelle felt that Ethan should be held accountable for her welfare.

Thinking of this, she got less guilty, but when she saw how Ethan appeared now, she didn't know how to refute him, so she said a little obsequiously, "Well... Sir, take Mr. Ethan back home first. It's all right with me."

"Yes, ma'am!"

the driver answered smartly. After all, it appeared that everyone present, except for Ethan, thought along the same lines. The car continued to speed along, and Ethan continued to stare at Estelle's face.

Estelle felt her face flushing under his scrutiny. She wanted to look away from Ethan's rapt gaze, but she couldn't.

It was not until several minutes later that Estelle dared to cast a glance at him and found that he was looking at her meaningfully as if to tell her, "You still have a little conscience."

All of a sudden, Estelle felt flustered as if she had somehow wronged Ethan. But she thought that Ethan was the one who had broken his promise, and this had made her become the victim.

Thinking of this, Estelle angrily covered her face with her hand. She cupped her chin in her hands, looking out of the window in a feigned manner. It was only then that she felt somewhat relieved.

The family doctor's diagnosis was soon known. According to the doctor's examinations, the internal muscle tissues were somewhat traumatized and the internal organs had bled a little, in spite of no discernible external wounds. Although there were no other big issues, it was better for Ethan to rest in bed and not to strain himself or move around too much. With a few days' bed-rest, he would soon recover.

"Shane, Marc, see the doctor out," Ethan ordered. "After that, go to our base and find out if any other men of ours have betrayed us. Do your best to find out who else has been bribed by Bill and deal with them all."

"Mr. Ethan!" Upon

hut outside the room and couldn't hear anything during Ethan's examination by the doctor. She had been too embarrassed to run up to the doctor to ask about the results when the doctor had left, and had instead sat worrying outside the room. Although she wanted to know how Ethan was doing, she could only guess what the prognosis on his health was. But from what the two men had said just now, Ethan seemed to have been seriously injured. Thinking over this, Estelle became more and more certain that Ethan's injuries were substantial since Bill's men had been hell-bent on hurting him during the fight.

However, all this was only Estelle's guess... Now, only Ethan and Estelle remained in the building. Recalling the exact words of Ethan's two men, Estelle concluded that he would need someone to take care of him.

Estelle frowned and sat pensively on the sofa for a long time before she finally got up and walked into Ethan's room.

The cuts and abrasions on his face had been disinfected. Bill's men had mostly beaten his body, and they hadn't focused on his face too much, so there were only a few bruises spreading along his cheeks and a split lip to show the beating he had suffered.

Estelle found that Ethan still looked as handsome as ever even though he had been injured. At that moment, he was leaning back against the bed with his eyes closed. Hearing the sound of her steps, he slowly opened his eyes and looked at Estelle.

Estelle immediately froze on the spot. She felt very embarrassed as his eyes locked onto hers, and she didn't know what to do.

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