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   Chapter 1261 A Lamb Being Taken To The Slaughterhouse

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8617

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"Hahaha." Bill's laughter echoed in the video, disgusting Ethan further. Wincing, Ethan continued to watch. "Well, do you know this girl?" asked Bill.

His hand caressed Estelle's face slowly with his eyes fixed on her in an almost lusty fashion. "I have to say, your taste in women is really good. Look at this lovely and tender face, how attractive she is. It makes me want to lick her up..."

Bill was used to dealing with older, flirtatious women. Without a doubt, his own desire was for younger and prettier girls. It was due to this reason that he had liked Emily. Estelle was the same type of girl as Emily that Bill liked.

Estelle winced in her place, cringing at his touch. She shook her head continuously, trying to slide away from his touch. But he had now grabbed her wrist tightly, and was twisting it with a lot of force. She couldn't move away however much she tried.

"Ethan, you've become so busy that you refused to meet me. Since you can't come here, I might as well give you a performance on the screen."

As he finished talking, a wicked smile spread across his lips. He leaned in and grabbed Estelle's waist tightly. She looked away and struggled to get free of his hold. He kept leaning further to kiss her, which only made her cry desperately.

Ethan's eyes widened. Urgently, he interrupted, "Don't hurt her, Bill! I'll come there right away!"

He was trying hard to suppress his anger lest Bill got frustrated and hurt Estelle, but the panic and disgust he felt was undisguised in his voice.

Bill stopped after hearing this. He turned to stare at the camera with the same smile. "You'd better hurry up. I don't know how long I can resist this beauty."

And with that, he turned his head, pressing himself against Estelle forcefully. The next second, the video call was disconnected, leaving Ethan scared and restless.

"Guys! Quick!"

Ethan said as he strode out of the room, followed by his men.

They drove wildly. There really wasn't a moment to spare. After what seemed like forever but in fact only 20 minutes, they finally reached Glorious Resort where Bill lived.

Ethan's face had turned ghastly pale. He got off the car and ran inside, with his men striding after him to catch up.

He went straight to Bill's room. When he was a few meters away from the room, he could hear his roaring laughter. Estelle's scared face came to his mind, making him run faster. "Oh! My little beauty..." Bill's muffled voice came through the door.

Without any delay, Ethan kicked the door open. Bill was lying on top of Estelle, her han

round at the men, checking if they had any weapons with them.

He knew Bill had really despised him of late. He didn't believe his act of bribing people from his department had remained confidential. Bill must have found that out!

But even so, he had never thought Bill would dare to break off their relationship. In view of the current situation, he came to realize that Bill believed that he had colluded with Jacob, and apparently, that had pissed Bill off.

"Oh, Ethan! Whether you acknowledge your mistake or not, I am determined to teach you a lesson today, or else you won't learn to respect the dynamic of our relationship or remember who is the master,"

Bill said cockily as he got up and raised his hand up in the air. The men now drew closer and closer to Ethan. Estelle looked up at Bill, scared and trembling with fear.

The two confidants Ethan had brought came inside the room too, but they were blocked by Bill's men. Ethan gave Estelle a slight push to walk in their direction. "Take care of her!" he said to the men.

They held Estelle gently, ready to head out. There was nobody to help Ethan, who was like a lamb being taken to a slaughterhouse. The only help he could get right now would be passive, and hence of no use. He needed more physical strength to fight these men off!

"Ethan, you..."

Estelle began speaking. Before she could go on, Ethan interrupted her, "Don't say anything! Why are you still standing there? Take her away right now!"

"Ethan, please forgive us," said one of Bill's men as he walked over to Ethan with his hands joined.

Ethan was stunned at getting a closer look at the man. Before Ethan could say anything, Bill said, "Well, do you know him?"

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