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   Chapter 1260 Humiliation And Financial Loss

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In this tranquil morning, a place had been dumped into turmoil.

Bill casually picked a cup up from the table and hurled it at the tiled floor. Hitting the black and white tiles, the cup shattered upon impact, creating a strangely abstract pattern on the floor.

The act frightened Bill's subordinate, who flinched back for a few steps to avoid being hit by the flying shards of glass.

Then, Bill's angry voice roared into the ensuing silence. "What's going on?! What the hell has happened? Move, you fool! Go and find out what's happened! Report back to me at once!"

When Bill said this, his face looked like a cooked lobster, red and swollen. The flesh on his face was caught in a near spastic tremor, making his fat cheeks blubber. Additionally, extreme anger was reflected in his eyes. At this moment, Bill was a frightening sight to behold.

"Bi... Bill, I've had my men look into it already," the subordinate said in a trembling voice.

Bill was panting for breath after his angry tirade. Whatever happened, he always possessed so much power in Jingshi City that no one would dare to annoy him. But this morning, before he had even woken up, one of his men in Jingshi City had rushed to come and report to him that one of his underground casinos had been destroyed last night.

Although he owned more than one underground casino, it was still a great loss. He would suffer a financial loss of at least a few millions of dollars per month after the destruction of the casino.

His rival had taken such a swift action against him, but had left no clues and even seemed to have the help of the police. Within a mere few hours, Bill's casino had been completely destroyed, and the loss was irreparable. Who had acted so aggressively without even pretending to show any mercy or respect to Bill at all? Bill really was clueless about who on earth was so powerful to deal with him in this manner in Jingshi City.

But no matter who it was, Bill swore to retaliate against this unknown person and make him pay for what he had done.

While Bill was still fuming in a blind rage, his phone rang. He answered the phone, shouting angrily, "Hello!"

However, when he heard a chuckle from the other end of the line, he fell silent. "It seems that you are very angry, Bill."

Dumbfounded upon hearing the dry voice, Bill turned his phone away from his ear. He took a glance at the caller ID, only to find that he didn't know th

at this very moment.

"Perhaps, but Bill will not let it go easily. I'm afraid I'll be blamed and held accountable. Just keep in touch at all times."

After saying that, Ethan hung up the phone, but he still did not hurry to find Bill. He had already guessed what Bill would say to him. He could imagine the headache that he would feel at having to listen to Bill's impotent grumbling again.

By now, he had been working for Bill for quite a long time. Ethan considered that this was the ideal moment for him to deal a blow of his own to Bill.

Just then, one of his men came over with a cellphone in his hand. "Ethan, Bill wants to have a video call with you," he said.

"Tell him that I'm not available," Ethan replied slowly.

"He said he had a surprise that he wanted to show you," the man continued.

Ethan wanted to refuse again, but then another one of his men came in and said hurriedly, "Boss, Estelle has been taken away by Bill's men. We were so shorthanded that we couldn't stop them!"

Ethan immediately looked sullen. Without hesitation, he reached for the mobile phone, taking it from the first man to answer the video call that had been vibrating on the device.

As he had expected, he immediately saw both Bill and Estelle in the video frame.

Estelle's hands and feet had been tied up, while her mouth was covered with black tape. Only her eyes still had freedom to move. But despair was reflected in them.

Ethan's face became even gloomier, and the atmosphere around him suddenly grew cold as if the room had been covered by ice, sending a chill down the spines of everyone present.

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