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   Chapter 1256 Finding An Helper

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8231

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The first thing Nora did upon returning home was look for Dina. They had been on the same boat since they had been in F Country. They had already collaborated once before, but had hardly gotten in touch after that even though both of them wanted to work together again. Nora had had to come back from F Country to make it happen. Distance always ruined things regardless of whether it was friendships, relationships, or business!

She had now returned to Jingshi City with Carlos. She'd been alone and hadn't been able to come back for many years, thus having lost all her previous connections with people here. If no one had helped her, it would have been extremely difficult for her to even think of coming back to where her heart truly belonged...her homeland.

The only person Nora could rely on, other than Carlos, was Dina.

Although she had found out about the termination of Dina's contract before coming back, she had had no time to think about it until this moment.

After years of being in the limelight and compromising her mental peace, the reporters no longer lurked around Dina's villa. For the first time, Nora didn't have to push through a crowd to reach her doorstep. The quiet was almost eerie and unbelievable. A place which had always remained crowded was today deserted completely.

Nora composed herself before knocking at the door. Having not met Dina since a long time ago, she didn't know what to expect. How would she react? Would it be the same as before? With her heart thudding, she knocked at the door lightly...but there was no reply. She knocked at it again, but the silence persisted. She pressed her ear to the door but could hear no movement or sound.

"Dina..." she called out. No reply was received. "Dina! It's me, the door." Nora shouted at the top of her voice, afraid that Dina would think it was the paparazzi at the door.

Nora leaned against the door to detect a response. She could hear some slight sound from inside. But it only lasted for a while, which made Nora wonder whether Dina was hiding from her on purpose.

Nora's heart shrank a little, making her want to go away. But she thought of the effort she had made to come all the way here...and hence, she called her. She could hear Dina's phone ring through the door clearly, and with every ring, her confidence shrank further and further. She started to wonder if coming here had been a bad idea.

She was now sure Dina didn't want to

too shameless and unjust, it was undeniable that she was indeed extremely enthusiastic about her profession and had incredible talent. She had striven to play some roles and even manipulated people with her tricks, but it was due to her strength that she'd been able to survive in the industry for such a long time. Sadly, she had now lost everything she had gained from years of being a top actress with the strenuous effort she had made. The loss had made her desperate for relief, but she was unable to recover from it. It was indeed difficult to accept the truth after years of success.

Dina looked at Nora with a frown as if she didn't recognize her at all. She lifted her hand weakly and pointed her finger at her in an attempt to say something, but Nora quickly entered the villa and closed the door behind her.

Dina was now notorious and a drunk, but the fact was since she had once been a successful actress and a person of great importance in the entertainment industry, they could never be sure of being completely alone. The paparazzi could be hiding just around the corner. It would be a disaster if either of them got photographed.

At a moment like this when she had come to seek Dina's cooperation, Nora thought that she needed to protect her!

Once inside, she could smell the alcohol even more strongly. In addition to the wretched smell, the mess on the floor made her extremely uncomfortable. There was hardly any space to walk at ease. She could see how Dina had vented her anger by smashing everything, from the TV, to the sculptures, to the sofa tables. Even her trophies and awards hadn't escaped her wrath.

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