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   Chapter 1251 Find Out The Rat

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8013

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Hearing Hunk's sudden expression, Jacob was momentarily stunned. It was the first time that Hunk had called him "son-in-law," and it was also the first time that he had publicly admitted that Jacob was his son-in-law. Then, Jacob raised his eyes as he looked at his father-in-law, and he felt good to be called "son-in-law" and protected by his father-in-law.

Even Emily, who was still immersed in her sorrow, was stunned by the public admittance. Within that moment of grief, she instantly felt a great joy surging from the bottom of her heart.

Without waiting for their response, Hunk said, "Louis, find a way to bring down one of his casinos for me by tomorrow. We'll do it as a warning to him!"

"Yes, Father!" Louis agreed immediately.

After all, although the Ke Family had started their business empire abroad and their foundation was based overseas, some of their businesses had been conducted domestically recently. It would not be difficult to bring one of Bill's casinos down. Besides, even if Hunk hadn't taken any action, Louis wouldn't ever forgive anyone who had even dared to bully his younger sister.

"But... There is one more thing," Louis added hesitantly.

Everyone present knew Louis as a decisive and resolute man. They had never seen him hesitate or stammer before. Therefore, they knew that what Louis was about to say would not be simple, so they instantly queried in an urgent tone, "What's the matter?"

But Louis didn't reply. Instead, his eyes remained locked on Emily.

Feeling his gaze on her, Emily instantly understood what had caused him to hesitate. And when she shifted her attention to Jacob, she could not help but shed tears. Then she stammered through her sobbing, "Jacob, Beryl... She has been taken away."

The gathering was shocked by what she had said. Jacob, who had been wondering about their sudden emotional states, looked sullen all of a sudden. He spoke then, saying each word like a thunder strike as he tried to confirm the news. "What... What did you say?"

"Sorry, Jacob. I'm so sorry. It's all my fault!" Emily cried. "The other day, Beryl came alone to the company to find me. When I went to attend a meeting, she was kidnapped by someone. She is missing... It's all my fault!"

"Ahem, ahem, ahem!"

Before Jacob could say anything, Hunk got so angry that he couldn't stop coughing.

"Father, don't worry. Although we

rding to his man's report, the traitor's mother had been dead from an illness for more than a decade already, but he still chose to lie at this moment. Ethan thought that this man was challenging him at the cost of his life.

With a cold expression on his face, Ethan kept tightening his grip on the man's neck. Just as the traitor's eyes were rolling in their sockets as he struggled to breathe, someone suddenly interrupted Ethan with news. "Mr. Ethan, Miss Estelle has arrived."

Then, Estelle walked into the warehouse. She was obviously shocked when she saw the scene, and she stopped in her tracks, covering her mouth but not daring to make a sound. She knew that this was not a place that she should have shown up, and she had neither the right nor the qualification to offer her opinion in such a place.

After knowing Ethan better, she had quickly realized early on that even though she might see such a scene, she should only pretend as if she had seen nothing.

Ethan glanced at her and suddenly appeared less ferocious. After hesitating for a long while, he then loosened his grip. The man he had been strangling coughed violently as fresh air rushed into his lungs again. He thought for a moment that he had been rescued, but instead, he heard a more terrible order from Ethan. "Drag him out and feed him to the dog!"

The man was so terrified that he screamed even before he could stop coughing, and then he begged for mercy with a red face. After all, he knew that Ethan always meant what he said. Instead of trying to intimidate him, Ethan really would feed him to the dog.

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