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   Chapter 1250 Immediate Rescue On The Spot

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Ethan didn't respond, but his face became ghastly pale. He didn't care about not having accomplished his task, but when he thought that he had failed because Estelle had lied to him, he became intensely upset.

Since he was able to associate his failure with Estelle, Bill could infer that too. As Ethan had expected, Bill prodded, "Was this because of Estelle?"

"No way!" Ethan replied almost without any hesitation.

"Why do you place so much trust in her?" Bill asked, glancing at him suspiciously.

Ethan realized that he had come across as a little too defensive and agitated, so he immediately calmed himself down and said, "Her family is still under my control. She would never dare to act so rashly."

Bill nodded his head, and then he turned to look at Ethan with his beady eyes. Clearly inquisitive, he asked again, "I've heard that you seem to care a lot about Estelle lately, don't you?"

After Ethan heard these words, a flash of murderous rage was reflected in his eyes, but it vanished a second later as he recovered and replied, "Since we wanted to control her, how could I not pay more attention to her?"

Hearing this, Bill flashed an understanding smile. "I don't care about your business, but I'm afraid you won't be able to walk out of my door so easily next time if you fail to fulfill the tasks I assign to you as expected."

Ethan nodded to Bill to show that he had understood the threat. Afterwards, he saw Bill dismiss him with a wave.

For now, the matter had been settled, but the ice was getting thin. But judging by Bill's words, Ethan had understood that some of his men were traitors, as they had betrayed him. Therefore, he would have to clean up his house and deal with these traitors.

The launch event of Love and Dream was a tremendous success. As Jacob descended the stage with roaring applause behind him, Emily was still teary-eyed.

"Silly girl, why do you cry?" Jacob stepped closer, wiped the tears from her eyes, and then wrapped his arms around her. "No matter what happens, I am always with you."

Hearing this, Emily sobbed desperately. She punched him in the chest, even though Louis and some of their staff were standing around them. "Since you'd found a way out, why did you conceal it from me?"

She had taken the brunt of ceaseless questioning and had borne tremendous pressure when Jacob had left for his business trip.

"If I hadn't kept it a secret, we may

had not been so kind to her.

"Who else could it be? Only Darren! Who else could be so eager to defeat you?" David answered.

But this time, Jacob shook his head and countered, "No. It's Bill."


Everyone exclaimed in shock.

They could fully understand why Bill would have done this if Darren was still cooperating with Bill as before. But they knew without a doubt that Darren and Bill had severed ties. Thus, all of them were wondering why on earth Bill had done all of this to go up against Emily.

To the best of their knowledge, Bill didn't engage in business. Although he was rich and powerful, he had earned his fortune from his gambling and shady underworld dealings. Bill had no conflict of interest with them at all.

"But why would he go against us?" Emily frowned and was stunned.

However, Jacob shook his head. Even he did not fully understand why Bill had gone to such lengths to sabotage their plans, which would bring him very little benefit. "I did not expect it to be him at first, but the person I sent to follow Estelle saw her with Ethan, who works for Bill. Without Bill's permission, nobody would have the balls to set such a huge trap for us. Anyway, we must be more cautious about her in the future."

The gathering all nodded. At this moment, they heard Hunk snort. He had just stepped up behind them. "Although our Ke Family is not the most powerful in Jingshi City, it doesn't mean that my daughter and son-in-law can be bullied so ruthlessly. I don't care who is responsible, but I have to teach them a lesson since they dared to provoke the members of our family!"

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