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   Chapter 1249 Jacob Showed Up

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The next day, the much anticipated launch of the company Love and Dream was held as scheduled. It was supposed to kick off at half past two in the afternoon. But by two o'clock, the venue was already packed to its capacity by a wide range of audience.

In preparation, Emily had set out from the hospital very early that morning. Accompanied by Rita, she had secured the services of a makeup artist to apply concealing make-up for her to hide the signs of fatigue and strain. With the fresh new look, she appeared a little more lively.

Wanting to support her, Rita, David, Louis, and Hunk remained behind the scenes. They were constantly gushing over her and cheering her on.

"Yvonne, please rest assured. With Jacob having said that he will deal with the matter, he will definitely get it settled," Louis said as he frowned. "All of our hopes rest on him. If he dares to let us down, I'll beat him black and blue!"

Although he spoke in an angry tone, he was in reality much more worried. So far, no one had been able to determine Jacob's whereabouts. Even Louis hadn't found any clue to Jacob's location. It was as if the earth had opened up and swallowed Jacob whole!

But he knew that Jacob had always shown a sense of propriety. Since he had decided to vanish, he must have a good reason for it. Surely, Jacob had an ace up his sleeve.

But when Louis looked up again, he saw that Emily was staring at him. He felt his chest tighten in dread then, and he immediately smiled awkwardly. "Well... I was just kidding, of course."

It was only then that Emily stopped glaring at Louis.

The launch event was about to begin, but the new designs were still incomplete. Although Emily was rather anxious, she had no other choice now but to carry on.

As soon as Emily walked out onto the stage, all the reporters began snapping photos. All the seats of the venue had been filled. Emily knew that apart from all the people present at the venue of this launch event, there were still thousands of others who were watching the live broadcast of the launch through the internet and local TV networks. Everyone's attention was focused on her now.

In particular, those who didn't wish her life to be smooth would be fixating their gazes on her.

"Hello, everyone. I am Emily, the manager of this new product launch of the company Love and Dream,"

Emily greeted the audience politely, although she knew that everything that had happened had left her pretty well-known in Jingshi City. The terrible things that had happened to her had not only contributed to her growing reputation, but also

er lately, but it was undeniable that she had almost ruined Love and Dream again! However, it was thanks to this man, Jacob, that Love and Dream had survived. Emily felt as if she had just survived a disaster. And like someone who had survived an earthquake, she felt quite shell-shocked.

Besides, every time when she was about to fall, Jacob would always appear in front of her like a God, ready to catch her! He gave her enough comfort, strength, and security. He was always vigorous and meticulous, and he could handle everything so perfectly.

She had no regrets in her life for loving such a person. It was a privilege and a dream.

The product launch lasted three whole hours, which flew past as many stunning works were displayed one after another. Emily knew that after this highly successful launch event, the reputation of Love and Dream would be greatly improved, and to a great extent, their futures were now secure.

Though there were some viewers who were happy about this, there were also some online viewers who were feeling angry and worried.

Almost at that exact moment, Bill threw all the design drawings in his hand at Ethan's feet and shouted angrily, "Didn't you say that these were the new products to be launched for this season?! Are you trying to make a fool of me?"

At this moment, Ethan's face had become extremely cold. He half-lowered his head and said in a frigid tone, "This time, it was really my fault."

"Is this all that you have achieved after spending such a long time on your endless scheming? Didn't you say that your plan would absolutely work and be foolproof? What happened then? Huh?" Bill was so angry that his fat body had begun quivering with the intensity of his emotions.

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